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  1. Hi guys,

    So I'm on day 3 of flower on my first indoor run. Ive been feeding Canna full line of nutrients. Im kind of confused on the "Vegetative phase ll" schedule of feeding. For this section it says " Up to growth stagnation after fruitification or appearance of the formation of flowers 2-4 weeks. For this phase of growth the chart instructs raised doses of A+B, same rhizo, same zyme, and includes the start of boost. I think I actually figured it out while writing this, but basically I should start with this new feed chart the day I flipped for 2-4 weeks (depending on flower times) ?

  2. Those schedules are a loose guideline at best. Are you 3 days since you changed the light schedule or 3 days from the first pistols showing? The latter is how you count days of flowering.
    Anyway I run Canna coco and I use their chart at 1/2 strength. The only real reason I use the chart is to get the nutrient ratios correct. Then I adjust strength according to plant reaction if the plant is a nice color green I stay there . I add the pk boost after pistols form right to the end. I feed 3-4 times a day in flower at 600ppm max
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  3. Im 3 days into flower now
  4. Is should I start upping the a and b and add the boost now?
  5. Ive notice the new growth since I flipped is turning a lighter shade of green so I think they want more
  6. So you're saying day 1 of flower is not the first day you change the lights?
  7. Yes sir that's how I judge it overall plant health. When we use a product like Canna we are trusting them to have the NER nutrient element ratio correct and all you can do is go up or down.
  8. That's right day 1 is first formation of pistols
  9. That's right day 1 is first formation of pistols
  10. Ive been seeing pistols since three weeks into veg. some two weeks from clone. So how does that work?
  11. Sorry about the triple post don't know what that was
  12. They were clones that were in flower?
    I don't know how to count that normal is 10 days or so from light change. So maybe add a week to your expected time?? Idk just a guess
  13. No the clones were on 18/6 but started to show their sex very early on. Ok well thanks for the advice I appreciate it.
  14. I consider day 1 the first day under 12/12 schedule. I'm feeding Floraflex, switched from veg nutes to bloom same day I switched lights. Plants seemed to respond very well.

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