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HELP with CA residency?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by jonnyh585, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Hello all, first real post on what looks to be a great community.

    I recently relocated to San Diego, where I am a student. I am 18 and have a very great interest in obtaining a MMJ card in order to combat axiety and hypertension. The selection and sheer quality of the strains here is insane, in a very, very good way :) I've spent most of life in the VT area, different sort of buds.

    In order to apply for a card, I need valid CA residency correct? CANORML and other sites have said that they ask for either CA DMV ID or a utility bill sent to you at the address you are stating. I am a year round student, but my only address here is my school one. Would a doc accept a letter or bill to that address, valid ID from the school proving I live there, and my VT ID proving I am me? I am technically a CA resident so no law breaking correct?

    Many thanks for any advice about this or anything related to obtaining MMJ in san diego!
  2. Why don't you just go the DMV and apply for a California ID?

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