Help with bugs in soil??

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  1. Ok so i thought i had maybe a nute problem but i realized after seeing more post that i have fungus nats flying around is this why my planys been slowly dying but still healthy if that makes sense?? If so what would be the best way to go about it i dont have hundreds of dollars to spend though lol i heard diatomaecous earth is a good choice? Or mosquito dunks soak in water for 24 to 48 hours but what way would keep them gone i just got a small little area cornerd off in my room and got reflective mylar pretty much all boxed off with it so i dont got a whole grow room just this little small probably 4×4×4 but i can obviously make the area bigger as they grow just untape it and make it higher lol

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  2. This is what I've always done:

    Wait for soil to get very dry

    Use 1 part "3% hydrogen peroxide" to 4 parts water to water the plant, use it as soon as you mix it, it will fizz, thats normal.

    At this point all the eggs/larvae are dead in the soil.

    Now for the adults: take yellow or orange pieces of paper (I've used sticky notes even) rub a layer of Vaseline on them, lay them around your plants, does not have to be on the soil, can even use popsicle sticks or something to hold them verically. This will catch a good amount of them, but the adults only live for a week. So if you control the soil, you control the gnats.

    Repeat once a week until all signs of them are gone.
  3. Ok thanks ill give that a try i have all that laying around lol and yea i only see like maybe 2 or 3 adults in there i always blow smoke in there every once in a while when i smoke try to smoke em out for a sec seems to work
  4. And so how much should i use i have 2 3gallon pots? Should i water until it runsoff still
  5. Same amount you normally would. Just make sure the soil is dry, it's important.
  6. Ok thanks

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