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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cheechmoney, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. i've got big bud and ww going on. just chopped big bud down, buds looked pretty nice before i chopped it. but its been 3 days of drying and the buds arent think like they should be. i let it flower for 2 months, hydro system, ff nuts,400 watt mh. half the crystals where cloudy other half clear. and how much of a difference would i get if i flowered with hps instead of mh?
  2. There's no way to quantify it, but obviously the differences will be drastic. The light spectrum on the MH is going to favor vegetative growth rather than bud development.
  3. Metal Halide bulbs cause the plant to stretch farther and faster than HPS, but HPS bulbs promote stalkier, bulkier growth than MH. This is why people use MH for vegging and HPS for flowering.
    So when you flower with a MH it causes the buds to stretch too much, resulting in loose airy buds. Only HPS bulbs will give you the thick dense buds you're looking for. Hope this helps! :bongin:
  4. The buds lose about 3/4 of their weight and 1/3 their size when drying.

    Any reason you chopped it so early?
  5. thanks for the replies..i guess i was to impatiant to wait, it didnt seem like it was doing to much more. saw the trichs getting cloudy so i chopped it. I've grown a few plants before for the hell of it outside with great results. first time inside. so i guess i'll be switching to hps. i just need to know cause i'm getting ready to start the al b fuct method and dont want to waste my time or money. so if i switch to 2 600 hps with 4 ft umbrella reflectors that should fatten up my buds?
  6. But yeah get the hps for flowering deffinitely. you can get a ballast that switches from MH power to HPS power. Or you can have the MH for your veg room and the HPS for a flowering room and get a harvest every 6-7 weeks instead of 3 months+

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