Help with Brown areas on leaves, Light green leaves

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  1. Hello, 
    This is my first post and could really do with some help. This is my first grow every and I'm about two weeks in. Ive started to notice that about half of my plants are developing these brown areas ( see pic) and most of my leaves are a light green rather then a dark green. Any help would be appreciated :) 
    My info
    -Strain: Hindu Kush
    -2 weeks since germination
    -Growing in premium seedling potting mix with slow release fert 
    -Gave seasol liquid seaweed tomato fert at half strength under a week ago
    -temp at 82 F
    - Humidity between 35 to 40%
    - small solo cup size pots planning to repot soon ( advice on time would be great)
    - using tap water, Ph at 6.8. Free of chlorine. Alkalinity at less then 40 ppm
    -approx 5000 lumens per square foot 
    watering every second day 


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  2. Could be that the slow release ferts has pushed the ph of the root-zone just a tad low. Don't water every other day, that's too much. Wait until the medium is almost dry, the pots will be very light, simply water all the way through and collect the run-off and measure ph, then let them dry once again before watering again. If you do this, you won't go wrong.
  3. humidity is a little low, try to stay between 50-60% at this stage.
    and i prefer to don't mix any food for the first 2 weeks, your babies had a little located shock with nutrients. 

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