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Help with brain tumor

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Dakota1820, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. i have a benign brain tumor that's causing seizures and what not. They finally found the problem. But where it is they're afraid to operate and I don't care for the idea of radiation. So my question is what can I do to be most effective. I vape cbd every day and I take cbd oil drops every day is there anything else I should do? Thanks for all your insight!
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  2. Man first off my prayers are with you. Im a true believer in medical marijuana and I have lost way too many family and friends due to chemo so your fears are spot on. If It was me I would do targeted radiation treatments only never bomb all the good cells since you need them to assist in killing off mutated cancer cell/tumor growth. I would keep doing what you are doing with CBD oil alobg with regular uptake and really research plant based diets to give your body all the nutrition possible. In closing keep fighting the good fight and stay strong and focused.
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  3. THC and CBD are a good 1-2 punch against cancer, with THC probably more important. The original Rick Simpson Oil was made using regular non-high CBD strains. There has been no medically established dosage, but Rick Simpson recommended a final dose of around 1000 mg THC daily, which almost no one can easily tolerate. I've seen other recommendations for far less.

    If I were in your shoes, here's exactly what I'd do, using massive doses, gently worked up to.
    (1) A high CBD, high THC sativa during the day. CBD cancels most of the high from THC, so you still might be able to operate semi-normally during the day.
    (2) A low CBD, high THC indica for sleep. For many of us, including everyone I've given CBD to, sleep is better without CBD, which is the opposite of what's expected.
    High THC doses is not a fun treatment, and some people just can't tolerate it. Pesticides and other impurities also become an issue at these dosages.
  4. The short of it- your endocannabinoid system is your cancer defense system regulating homeostasis of your cellular health... I will post an article of a biochemist who treated his cancer... not the same cancer type but his steps are good for general treatment... good luck and God Bless!

    Biochemist Dennis Hill, who cured his stage 3 prostate cancer with Cannabis oil, explains how it works
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  5. Where is a good place to buy cannibis oil? I watched the video very helpful thank you for sharing!
  6. The entourage effect (Google it)
  7. I googled it. So how does one go about finding a place that sells the oil?
  8. What are your states laws? Do you have medicinal or only CBD?

    If not, it's easy to make yourself assuming you can get or grow some bud.
  9. We only have cbd I'll be honest I don't want to intentionally break laws but my health is more important to me then some dumb laws that help big pharmaceutical companies make bank. So I know going to Colorado isn't 100% legal but I have to do something . Wouldn't it take a while to grow?
  10. My last grow with an autoflowering strain was 65 days from sprout. If you decide you want to, I'd happily help you with everything.
  11. Worth making a move for your health...agree that it should be your "chief" concern. If you have the money to do a stealth grow, then you have the money to move to a legal state.

    Definitely use carbon filtration for smell and don't skimp on that but you don't need commercial equipment for 3 plants either.
  12. yeah, you best step is to get oil now and if you want to grow, plan to grow into the future for future medicine...
  13. Go to a legal state, buy some souvenirs, and mail them back home to your dog.
    Don't lose a wink of sleep showing civil disobedience to this society.
  14. I would love to grow some. But I also need to get the oil soon. Where could I get the oil and seeds?
  15. Just my experience man - but I started having seizures brought on by a brain tumour too and found high THC content really aggravated them (where I was vaping herb and concentrate at the time), some nice new shatter was just the helping hand I needed to get a diagnosis for better and for worse! THC has come back in a huge and benefitial way a little further down the line. It's just, finding out what exactly casuses your seizures, where and why - helped me allot while I was still having them.
  16. The sooner you get on that oil, the better. You will start to feel positive changes right away. Blood pressure comes down, sleeping will get better, depression lightens up and aches and pains should go away. You will have to either find someone that is a compassionate grower that makes the oil or travel to a state that makes the oil. It takes a lot of plant matter so expect to pay something for it.

    And just because you make a trip to Colorado, doesn't mean you will find it in our dispensaries. It's very hard to find the full extract cannabis oil I am finding. Do your homework ahead of time. Call the dispensaries and tell them your situation, and hopefully they will be able to get some for you. If you need help taking it, pm me and I'll run you through it so you don't feel like you are overdosing. It's very concentrated so you will find yourself sleeping quite a bit at first.

    Listen to some of these podcasts to hear other folks who have taken the oil to kill their brain tumors: brain tumor – Cannabis Health Radio
  17. Ok so I need a little guidance. I am going to Colorado next week. I found a place called livewell that has the oil. But I don't understand the lingo. The bottles start at $20 but you can buy a max of 800mg. What exactly does that mean?
  18. Old question but I'll try to answer it. If you are buying the oil for cancer, it will come in a syringe but without the needle. No need for a needle. It's only for measuring it out and squirting it in to an empty capsule so you can take orally or stick up your bum (suppository) A person taking it for cancer would want to take 60 grams. The syringes come in 1000 milligrams which equals 1 gram. Or, they come in half grams. They very in price depending on who's selling them. Weirdly and sadly, most dispensaries don't even sell the oil. Why? Because it takes so much plant matter and I believe they make more by selling the flower. So, folks who are trying to get it to kill their tumors end up having to buy it on the black market. Or, if you are lucky enough to live in a legal state, they will grown and make their own.
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