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help with big plant please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mr sweets, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Okay guys I have a plant that I thought was an autoflower that has been in veg /flower for 64 days now it has flowers on it but has been in 18/16 since day 1 because I thought it was an auto come to find out I mixed the seeds up well now I have this 20 inch monster that has started to flower but now I'm fixing to flip it to 12 /12 and everybody keeps telling me that its gonna stretch like crazy I am almost out of room I have about 5 inches till it's touching the top. I don't know what to do is it really gonna stretch that much even know his followers are starting already for a while now just. Not in bud form yet but definitely been making flowers for about a week and a half to 2 weeks now any help would be great because I have no clue what to do some people are talking about super cropping for LST but the branches are getting pretty stiff so I really don't think I can do it here are some pictures of her of her i took t








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  2. Its going to strech no matter wat but u can control how much keep the light as close as possible and that should help. It will strech the first 2 weeks u switch to 12/12. I have a couple right now that were in between 2 1/2-3ft that shot up to 4ft to 4 1/2ft n the first 2 weeks I switched the light. Your plant looks really good are u in hydro or soil?

    chill & smoke some bud!
  3. I am in hydro but I have been feeding this plant on a flowering schedule 4 weeks now along with the light color I thought it was an auto so I didn't change the light schedule
  4. I have 3 CFL 26watt bulbs 2700k on her along with 2 24 inch t5s along the side of her should I just run the CFL's only don't get any more growth from the t5s
  5. Here is my setup

  6. if you've been in flower for 4 weeks, you won't have anymore stretch. that's only the first two weeks or so of flower.
  7. i agree you shouldnt have alot more stretch however you should try and pack some more bulbs or just bigger wattage bulbs so those lovely buds will get big and juicy for your bowl
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    Top that bitch, veg another week or two then flower. If you still have height issues after that, lst.

    If you haven't flipped to 12/12 then a photo hasn't been flowering for two weeks. If its an auto then it is way behind, but topping would risk losing yield.

  9. dude, he's 4 weeks into flower. topping and vegging now would set him way back.

  10. read over the post again i did and noticed that he didnt switch the lights yet he has been using the nutes because he thought it was an auto so it started to produce buds but it aint in flower if it is a photo the only other option is that it is a super auto with a 90-120 day life cycle
  11. ahhh, got it

    he should just give me the plant. I have room. :)
  12. [quote name='"hello ladies"']

    dude, he's 4 weeks into flower. topping and vegging now would set him way back.[/quote]

    There seems to be a bit of a misinformation somewhere. He stated in the original post the plant is 64 days old, he thought it was an auto but it is not. Then he stated that the light cycle was still on 18/6. However, the plant was showing flowers for two weeks. In the following post he states that he put the plant in flowering 4 weeks ago, but did not change the light cycle. This corresponds with the original post stating that he is just now flipping to 12/12. Well, you and I both know if it is a photo plant and he has ran an 18/6 light cycle the whole time then that plant isn't flowering. I am on my phone so pics aren't the best but that plant doesn't appear to be in flower, and surely doesn't look 4 weeks in. By that time you should see well deffined bud formation, and I don't see that in the photo ( if I am missing it then please let me know). The lack of buds at 64 days also makes me think he did in fact mix up the seeds and get a photo plant. Many autos would be finishing in 64 days, but just about all of them should show dome significant bud growth by that age.
  13. Only possibility for autos is a super auto with 120 day max life but who knows since there is a pottential mix up happened
  14. I have been using the Fox Farm schedule to the T I am in day number 65 so that would put me in week 10 I have used every product on the Fox Farm schedule from the trio to the powders I switch this plant to 12/12 about a week ago because I had a suspicion that it was not an auto but some people on an auto forum convinced me to put it back on 18/6 so it's kind of a mixture but it has been getting the 27 K lights for about 4 weeks now I know it's an all jacked up situation because I didn't know what seed I had used
  15. Sorry guys if I have mixed up any of my information I am just so confused about what to do with this plant I did not switch them to 12 and 12 for the second time until today it has not even gone into that cycle yet it goes on about 7 I will answer any questions that are asked so I can get the facts strait very sorry for any confusion
  16. Do you know what strains you may have mixed up?
  17. Here is the Fox Farm feeding schedule for hydroponics that I've been using

  18. I'm sorry guys is confusing but this really sucks
  19. I agree with joker on this mr sweet got the seeds mixed up and has been growing a reg one this whole time assuming it was an auto. So he feed it flowering nutrients and it start forming pre-flowers it would have to be pre-flowers cuz there's no deffintion to the colas yet and if it was in 4 weeks flower it would look a lot diffrent. But there is no way its 4 weeks in to flower if the light cycle is still 18/6. After it gets switched to 12/12 your going to get a strech but seeing how ur plants getting its lighting from the sides I don't think it would strech a whole lot but it is a decents sized plant. And I would add another strip of cfls to the other side of ur plant so both side are getting equal amount of light. I'm diffintly intrested in the outcome of it keep me updated on how it turns out

    chill & smoke some bud!
  20. Yes it is either a dinafem white widow auto or a world of seeds skunk # 47

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