Help with big bud x white widow

Discussion in 'General' started by gibstar76, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Hi am looking for info on the above plant.i am on week 3 of flowering and i am looking to re pot but am not sure if i should in flowering any advise on about how long this is in flowering for its my 1st time with this kind of plant very big everything my past 3 grows where with low riders what are a simple plants to work with. i am using a 600 hps soil that's where i am not sure about re potting as the only soil i can use is for cuttings and seed i am wondering about the nitrogen that's in the soil so please help with advise even better if you have worked with this plant. THANKS
  2. well just in case anyone would like to know all my 4 girls are now 4 women i cant believe how big the main bud @ the top is already i would love 2 no how long its in flower before i cut the feed i could be doing with some info please also are you better of cutting the hole plant or i read start @ the top the wait a bit then down lower ECT are they any benefit in this.
  3. when and how to flush is really personal preference all growers vary with their methods. usually to flush you stop feeding about a week to 10 days before expected harvest. watering as you would with 1 1/2-2 times more water than you normally would, you want to see a good amount of runoff. as smokey said you would get a lot more help in the cultivation section.. hmm what i would do for some big bud x white widow! goodluck!

    is she looking this good yet?

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