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Help with best way to spilt up wax/shatter

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ddrunner, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Hey folks! So, what is the best method for cleanly and accurately breaking apart shatter/wax? I want to measure of a one gram piece from a slab a friend has but he says it is real sticky when it warms up but when he has it right out of the fridge it will literally shatter when broken so you can lose a bit. Thanks for any help!! :)))
  2. you do need to keep it in the freezer. Then get a dabber and heat it up but not super hot.
    Then you should be able to slice off the size you need. Just don't get the dabber too hot,
  3. Probably don't need to freeze.

    Hold lighter over dab tool for a few seconds, cuts like butter.

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  4. well... lets see a picture of it !!!
  5. Haha would an exacto knife heated up work? I don't have a dab tool. I'm not a frequent smoker so I feel that dabs would just cause my brain to impode. haha I've never handled wax or anything like it before... really just distillate, buds, and bubble hash is all I am familiar with! So I will just heat the knife after I have it frozen and go for that?
  6. Just keep it in the freezer put it in a bag, break it up, grab a couple small pieces and weigh them. All in the freezer. Just stand there :smoking:
  7. Ah! Yes, that makes sense... then if I need to I can heat up the exacto knife to even out the weights where needed. Thanks!! :)

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