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  1. Ok so I got 4 LowRyder 2's that sprouted on 8/13.I am using Miracle Gro Organic (it said feeds up to 3 months) which I guess was my first mistake, and my second was watering them using straight tap water.Although its kida hard to see int he crappy phone pics, they are extremely yellow and the first set of leaves are just about dying on all 4 plants.Is there anyhting I can do to save these plants?

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  2. I don't grow ganja, but I do have lots of houseplants. Our rule of thumb is to never fertilize baby plants - too much will burn the leaves, especially if there's not enough water to wash it away or enough plant to "eat it all up." Fertilize when your plant's having a solid growth spurt once it's already looking strong, and it'l get even bigger. Hope this helps.

    I'm sure the tap water is fine, unless you use a water softener (you'll know if you do - this adds salts to water that can harm plants).
  3. Seeing how its the soil should I transplant it into better soil or should I leave it be since I have already transplanted it once?
  4. Flush and get a ph tester and PH Up/Down

    35 bucks for all
  5. how hot are those lights? when you put floro. tubes real close its ok since theres little heat, if those are anything but floros. you may just be heat burning them... give it a shot. also be careful not to overwater the little ones.
  6. Noob question but how doI go about flushing?

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