Help with Arizer extreme q

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Silvermint, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Hey all...just got myself an extreme q. I haven't the patience to wait any longer. Anyone got a quick instruction guide to get me started. What temp for my green? How long do I leave it before inhaling? Do I use the I use the bag or the whip?? Etc. Total newbie here. thanks in advance :)
    Try using the whip first. Setup everything (plug in unit , have cyclone bowl packed and make sure black side is on top) then what i like to do with the whip is use it in conjunction with my fans. Using the remote, Push the 200 button (it's 200 degrees celcius, 392 Farenheit) then try to go down to 378 Farenheit. If your model isnt set to farenheit yet, just press the M button on the unit 6 times.
    Wait until the unit is at 378 and wait for a while with bowl and whip attached even after it's reached this temp (2-3 min) . Then turn on fan 1 and start your draw. Enjoy clouds of vapor :smoke:
  3. All I needed to know...thanks for that. Trying it as we speak! :)

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