Help with anrguement.

Discussion in 'General' started by Jordan21, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. So when ever I am talking with someone and I say something and they say "you shouldn't say that" or "you shouldn't do that" then I says "why?" and they say "because you just don't" or "because you shouldn't do that" I always can think of why that's not a valid reason why I should no think or do something but I can never get what I'm thinking into words. Can anyone help get my point of that's not a valid reason and that's it doesn't make sense into words?

    I know I just said what I wa thinking but there's more to it and I cant find the words to express what I'm thinking.
  2. Just say some shit like "if you think it's wrong to say or do, then you shouldn't say or do it. I don't personally think it's wrong so I will"
  3. Theres no argument, so theres no need to make one
  4. I do what I want!!
  5. Just simply say that you need a valid reason with an explanation. Easy enough. Otherwise they aren't worth your time because they are fucking retards. :bongin:

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