Help with Advanced Nutrients "Sensi grow" Part A&B

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AndrewBud, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Hey whats up I am starting a indoor grow with 1 400 watt MH and 2 400 Watt HPS.

    I bought some Advanced Nutrients Two part Sensi Grow Part A&B I also have Sensi Bloom Part A&B with some FoxFarms Big Bloom.

    Has anyone used the Advanced Nutrients Sensi fertilizers before?????

    When do you change form part A to B?

    Thanks for any info....

  2. I have been using Advanced Nutrients for a long time now with very decent results. Use parts A and B AT THE SAME TIME. Do not mix a and b together before putting them in your water or the salts will lock eachother out and it will be a waste. Obviously u change to bloom when u change ur light cycle to 12/12.

    One tip I can give u on sensi grow/bloom is to make sure u flush ur plants often to prevent salt build up. Also, grab yourself a jug of Big Bud when u start flowering, it works wonders.
  3. Thanks
    so your pretty much saying use Part A one time and Part B for the next watering?

  4. Nice, how many plants under those lights?
  5. No man, mix them into ur water together. It is a 2 part feeding program. They keep the two parts seperate because in concentrated form they can lock out eachother. Whether ur water is in a jug or reservior make sure u put BOTH A and B into ur water AT THE SAME TIME. It should say all this on the bottles. Good luck man.
  6. Are your bottles not labled or something man?
  7. they are labled it says nothing on them except a feeding chart........

    and why its so great :p


    So I do mix them together before use?

  8. I started 48 seeds.

    I have about 35ish sprouting.

    about 2 weeks old now...... I will start a grow journal someday soon.......

    I bought an awsome house with tons of room.... this is gonna be fun :D

  9. Tell you the truth, I'd take it back and go with a single bottle nutrient called Flora Nova. If you have to change the rez, fuck that shit.

    Advanced Nutrients is too much work and way to expensive for the results it gives. Advanced Nutrients has killed plants, one just died on this board from over-feeding. I do not like their nutrient line AT ALL after using it for 2 runs- fried everything and cost a lot of money/time/effort to do it.

    Go with a no-change out stragegy with Flora Nova if you want good results and plants that don't fry out late in flower.
  10. honeslty who are you to tell me to return the nutrients I bought?

    Have you ever used Sensi Grow&Bloom A&B ??????

    Yes you are right people are retards and over use there ferts.

    You might like your florabora or whatever its called but I rather use a chemical that is made for Marijuana instead of some general fertilizer......

    Here are some pics of my stuffs.





  11. i dunno man ive heard way more good things about "florabora" or Flora Nova than pretty much anything else. everyone raves about the Lucas Formula. i use it and so far so good. but i didnt get them in one bottle. i got them both and mixed it in the water. many a crop has been grown with 'florabora' on this site. thats for damned sure
  12. thats all fine and dandy but that has nothing to do with my Advanced Nutrients...

    the thread is called Help with Advanced Nutrients "Sensi grow" Part A&B

    not I have Advanced nutrients tell me to buy someting else.

    florobora is more popular because its probly more available. and harder to harm your plants..
    But if you look around at any grower on this forum that is doing a Sweet ass job they are probly using Advanced Nutrients.

    I am not a child that is using CFL's to light my room and tinfoil on my walls.

  13. dude, up top you were just asking when to switch to part b ROFL, now your jumping on mr.goodstuff who has way more experience than you for telling you how to do your grow easier and at lessof a risk for your plants to die. maybe you should look at some of his threads and grow journals and you can see that he deff used Advanced nutrients in his grow and he had some problems with them. Also you have to change your res every week and scrub that bitch and its a lot of work... i know because i was just using sensi a&b and just triggered my flower cycle so now im using sensi bloom. it sucks changing your res every week... i think i might try the floranova on my next grow, or when my nutes run out :)
  14. Yeah asking when to swith or how to use the two part is a simple question I was asking someone who has used the product.
    I was not asking when to switch from grow to bloom.

    I have never used that exact product before.... I apologize for not knowing everything like you.

    Because buddy had problems with Advanced nutes products does that mean i am?

  15. and i did ask most people seem to use the lucas formula. with fantastic results.
  16. and who is using tin foil and cfls?
  17. who did you ask? your mom?

    Advanced Nutrients is made for the medical Marijuana Community........

  18. hahaha a lot of the childrens on this forum.

    ( I got this clone from my friend and i was hurtin for a toke so I picked all the leafs off and smoked them. Will it still grow?)

  19. woooslewasle
  20. yeah thats why all those people jupmed to your aid huh? and made fun of you for not reading the label...good one. oh and way to talk shit on a message board. you are a better grower than me caue i could never talk about someones mom on growing board. like a typical canadian. dumber than a hockey puck

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