help with a super closet ebb&flow setup

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by dub757, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I have two super closets I bought from a friend they came with a ebb& flow system that I will be useing rockwool in but I need help with times on flooding the table and how long to keep it flooded. any help will be nice. Thank u
  2. Easiest way to judge is to do a flood and drain cycle. Time how long it takes for your medium to dry out. That is how long between cycles. As for duration. How ever long it takes to hit your overflow is all it takes. But no longer than fifteen minutes. Technically it shouldn't be longer than eight minutes but good luck fi.ding a reliable timer that will do less than fifteen. Hope this helps.
  3. three times a day for fifteen minutes... evenly spaced...
  4. I'm by no means an expert but I'm running the same setup as you and I noticed that watering 3x daily at 8hr intervals was causing my leaves to droop, so I backed it off to 2x at 12 hr intervals within the last couple days and they seem to be responding nicely. Play around a little bit with one of these as a starting point and see how they do. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
  5. i run mine 8 times a day for 30 min every 2.5 hours. i use 4" rockwool cubes and 1kw lights. they are 50% dried out when pumps kick back on
  6. Are these times for a 24/0 cycle? Because I planned on running a 18/6, but thank u for the help I am currently running a soil grow in the boxes but since I have the hydro system I thought I might as well use it

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