Help with A small indoor grow.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cashman(819), May 17, 2010.

  1. I'm planning on setting up a little 2-4 plant grow in my apartment.. was wondering what kind of light to use.. don't wanna spend 2-400$ on it either.
  2. a 250w hps may be good for you.

    look into that. even a 400 may be good and can be found cheap
  3. how much would you think the 250w hps would cost?
  4. A bunch of fluorescent tubes and/or Compact Florescents (CFL's) would be the cheapest. A lot of people have great success with them too!
  5. Just started the same prodecure about two weeks ago. I went down to the local hardware store and bought 5 clamp lights Images/Bayco Clamp Light 2.jpg
    for about $8 each and then 5 daylight cfls. everyone says to get the 6500k but my hardware store only carried 5000ks but they seem to be working fine. you'll need to get 5 2700k lightbulbs when you want to flower though.
    i bought a thermomemter/humidity measurer and a small fan to circulate air, 4 plastic gallon pots and this all cost about $100.
    that's if you want to go cfl though, look up the lst method, there's a very helpful sticky.
  6. CFL is a good way to go if you are just learning, want to save money and need to stay stealth. With the HPS you are going to have a lot of ambient noise from your grow area because you are going to have to have serious venting to go with the light. CFLs you can get away with a couple smaller fans in your grow area with enough spaces to let fresh air in.

    If you go CFL, just remember to keep those lights close, like 2 inches close. Make sure your grow area is highly reflective as well if you go with CFL. CFL if not kept close to the plants will cause alot of stretching something i have tried to avoid with my current grow. Growing in a box that is only 2w'x1.5'deepx2.5' tall heh, lil space.
  7. CFL's work. You'll need 10-20 of them to flower which is about $50.00 and w-mart. You can start with one light per plant when vegging the sprouts. If you can use a closet ot the back corner, you and your plants will be better off. My space is only 4 feet high and I've had to raise it up a few times to accomondate taller plants.
  8. Use CFL Lights or buy a 400 Watt HPS it's like 119 bucks

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