Help with a possible rootbound plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AndrewBud, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. I am growing one plant on my balcony in a small pot.

    She is getting pretty big about 4 ft and she's flowering.

    What are signs of a rootbound plant?

    A few leafs are twisting what does this mean ?

    Should I cut off any leaf?

    Here are a few recent pictures from today.



    Thanks for any comments

  2. Usually when there rootbound u'll see no new growth or stunted growth. What size pot is that?
  3. no idea i found it at my moms place.

    it measures 11" at the top (wide) and 8" tall

    There is no slowed down growth the buds are getting bigger and bigger.

    Do you know what the twisted leafs are? There are not many just 2-3 slightly twisted.

    No yellowing leafs just the couple bottom ones which is normal.



    Just about to smoke a fat bowl.
  4. They look pretty healthy to me, in my honest opinion, man.

    I checked out the pics and can't seem to spot any "twisting".

    Do you mean that the very tips of the leaves are twisting downwards???

    Puff, Puff, Pass.
  5. yeah a a couple of the leafs the ends are curling and i can see the bottom.

    its growing great getting bigger and bigger.

    Do you think its bad that I give her fertilizer every watering? I make it really weak.

    Thanks for the comments.

  6. if your worried about a rootbound plant you should transplant it into a bigger pot...the one you have right now looks a little too small man....and if your worried about harming the plant dont be...i was too at first but transplanting is actually verry easy and simple.....and it will give your baby more room to grow =]]
    great loking plant by the way.....thats guna be some good smoke!! =D
  7. yeah but why would I fix something that isnt broken?

    There is benefits to having a small pot more oxygen to the roots.

    I am also very limited to how much room I have.


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