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  1. A 3.0 kg mass hangs from the ceiling of a railroad car. When the car accelerates to the right, the rope makes an angle of 4.0o with the vertical to the left of vertical. Find the acceleration of the car.

    Copied and pasted from the assignment. I swear the teacher worded it incorrectly because I cannot figure it out for the life of me
  2. my friend , fuck knows. I'm more into BSE
  3. You sound like you're living up to your username

  4. assuming lots of things, you're trying to find out what acceleration the car is in order to make the 3 kg mas hang at a 4 degree angle: where a 0 degree angle would be just a rock hanging without any movement, a 4 degree angle would be a rock that looks like its leaning slightly back--imagine when you accelerate in a car, the shit hanging from the center mirror goes back..eventually it swings the other way and just hangs there..that's because you're no longer accelerating.

    A mass hanging in an accelerating vehicle: tension in the string? - Yahoo! Answers
  5. Poor OP's just tryin to get his homework done :D sorry i cant help puffy i didnt even past concepts of chem :laughing: no seriously tho i gotta retake that shit ><
  6. Well i did pass physics 30, but i have no idea.
  7. there is no car

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