help with a little math please?

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  1. So i'm selling someone glass pieces. Some have odd shapes to them as in the neck sticks out more then the base and some of the necks are skinny and such. Anyways, this dude is guying them from me but wants the dimensions of them (hight,width,length) so he can put them in pelican cases. How do I go about measuring it accurately? I'm used to reading a tape measure but i'm not too sure if that's right. Like the height of one of them is 9 and 3 quarter inch so is that what I would tell the dude so he can order the right inserts for the pelican case? Sorry I was never that good with math :)
  2. Opps, didn't mean to make 2 pages. my internet shut off while hitting post and refreshed the page and posted again.
  3. I think for a Pelican case he'll cut the foam himself so just give him the maximum dimensions so he can buy a box big enough to fit. If its a zig zag shape just measure it from the farthest points.

    If that doesn't make sense lay it flat on a piece of paper and draw a rectangle around it and measure the rectangle you drew.
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  4. Oh ok. I never knew you cut it yourself. Here are some pics if that helps.

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