Help with a light kill switch.

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    I have a 2000 Chevy Impala.

    I want to wire a switch, and mount it on the dash that will kill all the lights.

    Ideal setup:
    1)Kill ALL the lights, but keeps the car running, head lights, tail lights, parking lights, indoor lights, dome light, dash board lights. That's a lot of work

    But that's too much work, what I really need to do is be able to kill just the headlights/parking lights. My car's headlights are manual, but have automatic override. They will turn on at night, and stay off in the day, unless I manually change that. They will automatically shut off no matter what, so the battery can never be drained by leaving the lights on. At night, however, if I manually turn off the lights, it kills the headlights, but leaves the 2 yellow parking lights on.

    I want a switch, that when activated, cuts the power to the head lights, and parking lights (and if I install fog lights, those too, but as of now I don't have them).

    Any idea's on how I would go about doing this? I could just make a cut somewhere in the light's circut, add a simple switch, then complete the circut. This would require me making cuts in 4 circuts.

    Since I can manually turn off the headlights, I could always just do it with 2 circuts. So either both on or both off. How would I do this with one switch?


    I'm thinking the one on the right would work from an enginering standpoint, but the lights don't connect directly to the battery? So how would I go about this? An I'm correct with the diagram right?
  2. Here is your basic headlight wiring. I suggest pick up a hanes manual for your car if you want one car specific.


    Now, if you find your low beam relay (check under the steering wheel and above your pedals) you can wire in a switch into that line coming from your battery. Remember to get a 12 volt or higher switch. I could be wrong however, I fucking hate electrical.
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    Thanks for the help. I used to remember it all pretty well, but it's been years since I've studied electronics, and not keeping up to date on it I forgot almost everything about diagrams and what not.

    One thing is my car actually has three lights, so let me edit that diagram, and see if I'm right.

    I only added one light, but with a third light the diagram would look like this:
    I'll just have to find that relay wire, and put a switch in there:

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