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Discussion in 'General' started by Jamtastic, May 18, 2010.

  1. I got a call regarding a job, and it would be for a two man crew laying carpet, in one facility, and doing something else at another facility.

    For about a day and 1/2 of work, laying 5 rooms of carpet, how much should I quote the lady at. I'm not too used to this so it put me in a bad position of not coming off with an opening bid, I didn't want to come off to high and have her go with someone else, or go to low and have her take advantage.

    She came at me for $300 for laying 5 rooms of carpet, that would probably be over a day and 1/2 period.

    I called her back and said I can start on Wed, as I have the Dr. Tommorow, transportation isn't a problem, but I'm going to come over her quote with transportation costs.

    I also offered to do it myself, which would be backbreaking work, but I'd rather take $300 cash in 2 days, than $150 cash in two days, I'm assuming all under the table. This is sort of temp, normally people are contracted, but unlucky me, no contact. I also asked her if tools were included or I need my own.
  2. sorry bro im not a carpenter lol

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