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  1. So I'm getting ready to start up a 4x8x7 grow tent..using 2 air cooled 600w lamps.. How many plants would I be able to manage with that space doing scrog with out getting to tight nd wat distance should i keep my lights be from my plants? I plan on going with soil and starting from clone, any advice on soil..? Any advice tips for this rookie would be gladly apriciated thanks

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  2. From one rookie to another, I would say you could probably fit 8 nice sized plants in there (maybe 10). It all depends on your pot size and how you arrange them, but I would go with 5gal smart pots. as soon as them bad boys fill 1/3 of the screen, flip them to 12/12.

    Your plants need to be as close to the light as possible, with an air cooled system, you shouldnt really have to worry about burning your plants, but id still be cautious.

    get a hydrometer and a humidifier and keep your clones at about 70% humidity, once they have rooted nicely, bring it down to 60% then once you flip them to flowering, bring the humidity to 40%.

    Alot of people like using soil and pebbles or coco and perlite. Soil will hold more water though so you will have to have decent drainage.

    Get a ph meter and keep your soil and water run off between 6.5 and 6.8. Boil your water if its hard water and let it cool before watering.

    Tie down your branches lightly to let your undergrowth grow up and then once it does, you could undo the string or whatever you used, put a mesh up and then tuck all branches under the mesh until 1/3 of your mesh is filled and flip your girls.

    Also, you may want to invest in 5gal smart pots. because they are fabric, not plastic, you build a better root ball, you get better drainage (less chance for root rot) and your roota will get more oxygen to them without exposing them to light (light serious harms roots). for nutes, you want mostly nitrogen in vegging, but during flowering only need like 5 - 10% nitrogen.

    Get a microscope and once 20 - 30% of your thrics turn yellow, turn everything off and give your plants 24 hours of darkness

    this will be my next grow, let me know how it works for you if you decide to go with it ^.^
  3. Thanks for the info helps a lot..when u say soil and pebbles ,coco or perlute meaning I can use a combination of both or it's just some other mediums I can use other then soil..I was planning on using fox farms soil..wat do smart pots run? Againg thanks for the info

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    Oh and at wat week do I place my screen?

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