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  1. Posted this question on my introduction thread, but I assume most people don't read those much. I'm from Tennessee, and I'm currently on the way to California (road trip). I'll be living there until march. I know I can't get my MMJ card without a CA ID, so I thought hell, I'll just get one. Is it legal to apply for a California ID if I have a license in another state? Hopefully there are some lawyers roaming the site... blades can be anybody
  2. I'm not sure how the law varies by state, but I know that here in FL when you go get an ID or license you need to show two bills that show proof of your address. Your best bet is calling the DMV in California :confused_2: honestly, you really don't need a MMJ card in California (if you want to smoke freely, that is) The worst that can happen to you is a $100 ticket.
  3. i would try and get a calf state id
    not a drivers licence because a id should be a little easier

    get a valid physical licence. like a hotel.
  4. Driver License and Identification (ID) Card Information

    You can get a California ID, but you cannot get a California driver's license without surrendering your current license.

    A California ID will run you $27 in fees, a license is $32. Of course take into account that if you get a California driver's license and surrender your old one, you'll get to get a new license again when you move back home.

  5. Issue is, I don't have any documentation with my name and the address where I'll be staying, as I'm staying with a friend. That's the reason I want the card- easy access to edibles, and he doesn't want me smoking in/around his place.

    And what about hotels? Slightly confused there

  6. Call the DMV before you go and see if you'll need proof of residency for a California ID. They mention proof of residency for a drivers license on the DMV site, but it doesn't say anything about needing it for an ID, so... I dunno. :confused_2:

  7. didn't see this before I posted, sounds great. but will me not being a permanent CA resident cause problems getting the simple ID?
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    I'm not sure, that's why it would be a good idea to call and ask.

    You should also be aware that if you are able to get an ID, they will mail it to you "within 60 days", and the process for a medical marijuana card can take up to 35 days (after you submit the application). So maybe don't get your hopes up too high if you're only going to be there until March. :p

  9. Gotta love bureaucracies.
  10. I don't live in Cali but im pretty sure you can't just show up and get an mmj card. You probably have to be a resident for a year or so.
  11. Idk if it's different in other states but I got my cali rec in about an hour and my ID in about a month but it can take longer.

  12. I figured, thanks anyways guyz

  13. In a perfect world; after 9/11 most states require just as many forms of id to get a state id as a dl.. sux..

    but yeah like everyone said, you are going to need multiple forms of proof of residence and identification.. There are a couple states where it is much easier to get a dl; cali being not one of em

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