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  1. What is my problem here? The first picture shows my leaf with some sort of deficiency. And the other pictures are just showing the rest of my plant to show how healthy it is. I want to catch this early! This seemed to happen overnight. Any help would be appreciate. I use Fox farm soil and nutrients. I use cal/mag. My water is PH to 6.8. We are almost 4 weeks into veg. 2 400x LED grow lights in a grow tent. Temperature averages about 79 degrees.

    Thank you in advance!

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  2. How close are your lights? Do you take the temperature at the canopy top ..soil etc?
    If your lights are Burple Chinese type..I would think the 400watts are comparable but not actual..maybe 175-190 watts actual but can still cause LIGHT/HEAT STRESS..
    Brand of lights? Soil etc..(Ph is a little high..6.2-6.8 varied for soil is good.) Watering at the same ph does not allow for complete absorption of needed nutrients:
    ph chart.jpg
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    I am using Viparspectra lights that are 150w at the wall and output of 400w. They are about 1 foot above my plants. This doesn't look like any light burn I've seen. Fox Farm Soil. I just have the thermometer at the base of my plants.
  4. I didn't mean Burn..I meant light Stress Was looking at those bumpy leaves. Not too familiar with Vipar, but most of the Chinese lights veg between 18-24" and flower from 12-18", unless vVipar is different. The leaves do look very dark green..How long in the FFOF and have you begun nutes? (I use FFOF/FFHP mixed)
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  5. I have raised my lights up about 8 inches since our last conversation. They were born in fox farm soil and I began using nutrients about a week after they sprouted. I have had no problems until now. The very last thing I did was feed them 2 days ago. With 4ml cal/mg, and 2tsp of big bloom and 2tsp of grow big in one gallon of PH 6.8 room temperature water.
  6. With Cannabis, less is more..I start in plain Jiffy Starter soil or the like and then to FFOF/FFHF/perlite. the soil has plenty of nutes for about 3 wks..adding more is detremental ..I had 2 seedlings die in FFOF a while back..too hot for most seedlings. So, If I am correct..your issues are too much N and light stress..she will recover fast once stressors are gone.
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  7. Should I flush it out? I don't want to over water it considering I just watered it 2 days ago. This is the same leaf about 6 hours later. Hopefully it stops here. What do I do if it gets worse and worse? There is also a leaf on the other side of the plan that is starting to show a few specs.

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    Thank you for responding by the way. I figured that I would get a few more responses than this. I cannot find another plant with the same spots as this one on the entire internet...
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  9. Here are some more pictures of my setup if anybody sees anything else. I really want this to be a success!

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  10. When growing in soil, PH to 6.2 to 6.5.
  11. I would like to give this a friendly bump. Although I am definitely taken the advice given, I would appreciate another opinion or two. Thank you in advance!

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