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  1. Mkay im getting ready to order ALL my supplies for my FIRST LEGIT MEDICAL GROW! (excited as hell) Anyhow back on topic, my limit is 6 plants, only 3 flowering at a time. What if i took autoflowering strains, planted 3 seeds 1-2 weeks apart (these will be mothers) and as each show signs of flowering ill take one clone from each plant. As i harvest the mothers, ill be switching them with the clones, and let the mothers reveg, like i said its just a thought, so can anyone clarify things if i could only use 1 grow room or do i HAVE to use 2? also i can only afford a 400w mh/hps dual grow light? Quick responses would be appreciated, THANKS GRASSCITY FOR THE HELP! i can always count on you guys lol

  2. 1. You can't clone auto flower

    2. You will need more then one room or grow space if you plan on vegging and flowering at the same time for your constant harvest.

    If this is your first grow I would suggest doing one plant and learning the intricacies of growing mj.

  3. Ive had other grows but nothing on a medical level. Like i said just a thought. I have plenty of experience with cheap grows etc. but nothing like what the pros do.with all this fancy technologies. what if instead of cloning, re vegging? that would greatly decrease the harvesting rate though wouldnt it? theres too many variables to be 100% certain, suppose its just trial and error?
  4. You can't re veg an auto because they aren't dependant on light cycles. Just start 6 autos, 1 month apart and plant a new one every time one comes down. One room, one light cycle, perpetual grow.

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  5. Thanks for the help guys. Imma put Your sht to the test goodwrench. when i get my grow setup ill get a grow journal and keep you all updated.
  6. Only thing with your perpetual auto grow is your waiting for strains to auto switch to flower. Not to mention autos are, well autos. Good luck

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