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  1. A long-ish read coming up, but please, help a brother out :(  I'll try to keep everything as simple as possible, but I'm sorry if I end up being unsuccessful at that :D
    So a while back, I had a thing going on with this one chick (call her Mary). Or I wouldn't call it a thing..she liked me, but I didn't like her for a number of reasons. A week or two ago, I was at a party with my friends, and this particular girl was there with her friend (lets call her Emma). On that night, I had the courage to tell this Mary that I really didn't want much to happen between us, and just didn't feel like we matched. She understood it and everything has been cool between us ever since.. now Emma comes to play.
    Emma is an amazing girl; she's smart, outgoing, intelligent (yes I mentioned intelligent and smart even though they mean the same thing, the thing is Mary isn't the sharpest pencil in the pencilcase and I now appreciate a girl being smart), EXTREMELY HOT, funny, cute etc. Obviously I like her. I messaged her the other day and just started up a random chat. We've talked about a lot, and we really match.
    Yesterday I was just cruising with my bud (with our bikes) and we stopped by the beach. I've known this guy for years and we've always shared our girl stuff together (e.g. helping eachother out, we even dated 2 girls who we're best friends lol hahah).I asked to test his bike since it's been a while since I've ridden a supermoto so I left my phone in his hands incase it would fall. This guy starts texting Emma saying stuff like "I'll get you two together one day" and the girl didn't reply "No thanks" or "Yes!"..she said "I don't know if thats smart, Mary is my best friend". That's problem #1.
    Also, when texting with her, she sometimes replies really 'enthusiastically', but sometimes she replies only with like a smiley face or one word. I know this is a sign of not being interested, but here comes the 'catch'. Sometimes I reply in the same way, and after a few minutes she says something like "God my ex is annoying" or "So what are you going to do after school ends?". Confusing as fuck. What is she doing?
    Long story relatively short
    - How do I make this girl get interested in me and stop thinking about the fact that her bestfriend would get mad because I used to date her.
    - Why is she sometimes excited to talk to me but sometimes not
    Also just a quick thing, on Saturday it's the national "Everyone above the age of 14 get drunk" day. Eeeeveryone is going to be out and I already made a deal to hopefully see this chick on saturday! Any ideas what I should do (e.g. ask her out or something)? I'll probably be pretty drunk/high so anything goes :smoking: .
    Thanks already and please do ask if anything is unclear! Happy tokin guys :) ps. This chick is hotter than the sun so I really need help!

  2. Someoneeeeeeeeeeeee

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  3. First, WTF is national get drunk if your over 14 day?! That is out of control, 14?! I would slap the shit out of my daughters! That is not even a "day" I would want to celebrate!

    Anyway... her giving short replies sometimes doesn't mean she isn't into you, I've been really into guys before and have easily given them short answers and smiley faces. Just because your into someone doesn't mean you always need to respond with a lengthy reply. If she likes you and is into you enough, maybe she'll have a talk with "Mary". Surely Mary will understand since you two have only ever been friends. :D
  4. It's the end of school tomorrow (Saturday) for the summer. Pretty much every kid in the country is getting drunk to 'celebrate'. It is widely accepted to some extent, but if the cops catch you in the act it's an instant fine, depending on your age and behavior :)

  5. Get drunk and go hard. I mean spit your game right, be smooth like a Cadillac and funny.
    Don't get sloppy and loud drunk.

    But i gotta say young girls like that don't know what they want. I been there and they're attention whores. Just keep talking to her and see where it goes.
  6. Never saw her on Saturday, been texting over some app called kik which I truly dislike. How should I ask her out right now? I have no idea. And where

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  7. If you just keep taking advice from people that means you have somebody else to blame other then yourself which really curbs the learning process, just jump into the deep end, expect to fail and see what the fuck happens. 
  8. Finger her urethra.
  9. You should stay at home and get drunk by yourself that's what I do, being a virgin is cool these days.
    It's not gay if shes screaming. 
  11. I don't know why people don't really wanna give helpful advice.  A guy who learns tight game at such a young age?  The world will be his for the taking.
    She's playing the typical female hand.  (btw you're already preselected by women because of "Mary".  Chicks dig guys that other chicks like).  She doesn't want to show too much interest, cause that would make her easy.  Then, she gets a little crazy when your attention and effort towards her drops off.  So she reinitiates contact. Its push pull push pull see?
    When you go with one word responses (polite disinterest) this is pushing her, and she responds by pulling you in with whatever drama type stuff is currently in her head.  Then you respond with interest, and she's now captured your attention and feels validated, so she goes back to pushing you, feeling that her mission is accomplished, and thinking that by pushing, you will continue to pull and pull and pull, or in other words to continue providing a stream of attention and validation.  Wrapping you around her pinky so to speak.
    I would advise to play push pull for a short while, then when she responds with a pull (her interest is spiked), suggest a casual meet.  (Don't ask, suggest).
    "Lets go see a movie, your buying the popcorn".
    "I feel we could communicate about this better in person, meet me at "location".
    "Thats interesting, lets talk some more at the beach, bring your bikini".
    Meet her, amp up the flirtation, and escalate towards sex, or atleast a make-out.  (she may refuse the meet up, if so go back to push pull for awhile with 1 pull for every 2 pushes you give).
    Do a google search on how to pass shit-tests, because once you have spiked her attraction, the tests will come at you full force.  You need to know how to handle that.
    Good luck kid.
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    Thanks man, really made the situation clearer. I texted her saying "Would you like to meet up one day? Let's go eat, on me." And she said yes! Pretty happy now, all that remains is choosing the restaurant and making sure I won't be awkward.
  13. 1. Play it cool, don't get too clingy or she'll run away. Send some smiley faces and some short text messages back, but don't make it seem like you're not interested. Play it in the middle. Be yourself, just be calm and don't try to be someone you're not to be, and remember, the more you can make her laugh, the better. 
    2. I would consider talking to her friend, Mary. Make sure you guys are really cool now, and even bring up the fact that you like Emma. See how she takes it. If she's really cool about it, then you can even get her to help you two get together. If she's bothered by it, then even if you do end up persuading Emma to date you on your own, she might not go for it since it would hurt Mary Jane's feelings. 
  14. whoa dude.  I appreciate the empathy towards Mary, but he needs to establish that they have time together to get close.  His goal is romance with Emma.  According to his OP he never had romance with Mary.  He is free to pursue Emma.  Girls compete with each other all the time for men.  There will always be a loser.  She'll get over it.
  15. She won't date you. She's being polite and she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, and she's probably not very experienced with relationships, so being straight-forward with you is a bit hard for her. She might consider you attractive, but if this other girl is her best friend, she won't date you, sorry.  :confused_2:
    But there are tons of other girls out there! Get your RSD on haha  :ey:
  16. it sounds like she already is interested in you but doesn't wanna break girl code knowing her bestfriend likes/ed you. just be you homie dont be too clingy. you know the game im sure. flirt sometimes and sometimes act like youre not interested kinda douchy. but be around her as much as possible even if that means hanging with that bitch you dont like.
    So very cliche but be yourself, and act like you have some sense and you will be good. :)

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