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Help with a B-A-D high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BettyNuggs, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, I had one of the wildest - and worst - experiences of my life last night. I've smoked on and off for years; pretty steadily for the last four. Anyway, took a few tokes before seeing a movie as I usually do & about 30 minutes in I feel super weird. Unsettled. Like my whole body has one big tick & I can't stop twitching. Normally I'm pretty calm & laid back. No colors or shapes or anything like that. No elevated heart rate or trouble breathing. I actually start to believe I'm in another reality where I'm about to die & I can't find my way back to 'real life.' I've seriously never felt so close to death. I start to get cold, which never happens (I'm always really warm) and even ask my husband for his jacket. I try to take some deep breaths but the sensation of it being the end was so strong. I couldn't talk myself out of it. I kept going back and forth between being terrified and being at peace with crossing over. I reached out to a couple friends by text but no answer.

    Then it dawned on me: I'm either having a REALLY bad high or an anxiety attack, which I haven't had in years! Plus, it felt different than that. I'm still wiggin today wondering what could have happened or just what it was exactly that I smoked. Did someone roll me a blunt with salvia? Cause I've heard that shit will fuck with you. Also, if it was an anxiety attack, that means I can't smoke anymore, which would really suck. But how would I know if it's anxiety or if my shit had some other contaminate in it?

    So I've been in bed most of the day. I'm gonna shower & just try to keep relaxing. Maybe have something to eat later...

    I'm wondering: has anything like this ever happened to you guys? How did you recover from it? Would you smoke again? And of course, I know nobody actually dies from weed, but have you ever experienced alternate realities of life & death after a good smoke?

    Thanks for your wisdom & be well, all.

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  2. Ego death is indeed "possible" with weed...incredibly rare effect though.

    The cold thing I experience when I have ZERO tolerance. Like shivers/shaking w/e, this is another RARE effect. THC lowers body temp. Can google that one and it's pretty common but you just had a LARGE dose of that effect which is rare like I said.

    I find that a hot shower/car heater/fire is the only good cure...besides that's a feel good in any case. Shower feels fantastic and car heating also has tunes and a FIRE is majestic on it's own (and you control how hot you want it). If you're going to have an ego death/out of this world high...I'd suggest a safe zone like that. Had some unbelievable times about a year ago with freezing cold (from a 4 month tbreak and smoking a ton). Was lovely being back to smoking and I was SOOO paranoid that it wasn't weed, etc, etc.

    Did it again in the middle of the woods around that same time camping alone and damn...might have been a mistake. Felt like sorcery. Had to cover up with everything I had and just go to sleep fully clothed...played some Lord of the Rings (which made it worse tbh) and just rode it out. Was powerful...and at the end of the day, I still enjoyed it.

    Getting your tolerance back is going to SUCK. Expect to go through that stuff until you have it back. I would recommend indicas if you have access to them as they do NOT cause these effects so strongly IME.

    Btw, I did eventually get past that by just toughing it out...but I LOVE weed, and I just considered that some rough love from being apart so long, idk. GOOD LUCK.
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