Help With 9 Plants And 250W Mh/hps

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Deluxe420, May 21, 2013.

  1. Ok guys, I did NOT intend to have 9 seeds germed, some weren't farming after a while and I added more seeds and they all germinated. So I have the 9 seeds planted, 1 250w MH/HPS combo for veg/flower, willl 9 plants be ok until I pull the males? I want to grow til i hit the 8th - 10th node because I heard in vegetative growth at the 8th node sex pre flowers are shown. What do I do????
  2. I wouldn't grow any more than 4 plants under a 250.  So veg out, put into flower and pull the males/pick the best females would be the best bet.
  3. do smalls plants homie, just clone one strain nd do sea of green with all same size plants, should go with like 400 watts at least for flower though
  4. Veg till 14 days than force flower/switch to 12/12. Your plants should not get that tall. U are limited to like a 2x2 area with that small of a light. Pick ur strongest females and then top them. Thats what I would do because I had a setup almost like yours. I only had three plants at the time and yielded a lil over an ounce off each one. Good luck
  5. For the first stages of life yes it will be fine but you wont be able to grow quality plants having that many under 250w. Now I'm sure you'll pull some males but the plants wont show sex for a little while. Is there anyway you could at least get some CFLs in there?
  6. I have a 4 ft x 2 ft x 81 inches closet. Half of it is taken up by an unused tent. I'm gonna put cfl's in the tent, and MH outside tent, I'm gonna veg like 2 weeks, weed out my females, and grow all under HPS I estimate ill have 3-5 females
  7. lol I can't clone. This is my first grow :p
  8. Might as well start practicing. Its real easy
  9. I would grow them all in 3 gallon pots if they will fit, up until they get to a foot tall, this will be about 3 weeks old providing their growth speed is pretty standard, and then flower them. a week later take out the males and push the females together under the light, spreading them out a little as they grow.

    I wouldn't top or train as you don't have much side ways room. a 250w hps will only adequately light up about a 2x2 foot area

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