help with 6 day old seedlings

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  1. hi i am new to growing and now after finding out there is no hope for the afghan goo seedling i planted i now have 3, 6 day old autoflowering fast buds and 1 monster 6 day old kush. i have a flouresent tube light about 10 inches away from them and they are in a box lined with tin foil and a 120w heat lamp about a foot above them with a low watt fan and the temp stays between 75 and 80 degrees. i also have them on a 18-12 light cycle and they are in hydrophonex top soil that comes in small purple bags with the little white balls in the soil. i would like to know if the pics i post of them are how they should look right now at this stage as of today they are six days old. if there is anything i can do to improve how they look or anything please lemme kno :eek:
  2. If you are running a flursent tube you can put it alot closer like a couple of inches they are streching bad just put the light closer should help you are fine other than the strech you got..
  3. They look a bit streched ?
  4. i now have the fluorescent tube light a couple inches away from the plants this should this help make the seedling grow more outward instead of stretching? and should i keep the heat lamp a foot away? and what type of soil and fertilizer should re-pot the plants with when they need to be re-potted?
  5. ANY kind of Fluro's should be an inch or two away... unless you have like 50 cfl's.
    Reason its stretching because the light is too far away.
    Everyone uses FF soil but I stuck with Lamberts Organic since its at Home Depot.
    Nutes I recommen d the FF Trio --> [ame=] FoxFarm Soil Nutrient Combo Trio Kit: Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom (1 Quart): Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]
  6. Honestly that stretching is not good and even a slight wind would probably bend the stems. Bury those stems up to about a half inch below the first leaf set, lower your lights, and then you should be okay. Add a oscillating fan or even a desk fan to add a bit of wind to make the stems stronger.

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