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Help with 1st time hitting poppers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hummer67, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hey guys tomorrow im gonna be hittin my first poppers and i'm just wondering if u guys can help me? Like is it really worth it? How does it feel? How harsh is it? What is the worst reaction that can happen? Is there anything i should be careful of? Btw poppers are basically a cigarette cut topped with some weed in a pop piece. Im pretty scared cuz all my friends are like they've seen a lot of ppl green out, throwup, blackout, faint, etc. Does all of this really happen? Is it very possible? I just really want nothing to go wrong. Ight thanks

  2. bump help me! aha
  3. Worst reaction that can happen is it puts you on your way to nicotine addiction.  This is the most important post you will get in your thread.  Do not smoke tobacco, it is very likely to begin something you will regret for the rest of your life.
  4. Unless you smoke tobacco anyway then use a pipe or a bong or something but i wouldnt smoke the tobacco. Its weed man its not gonna hurt anybody. Just take a small hit and then push the smoke down into your lungs by taking a deep breath. Do that once and see how you feel. Then just keep smoking until you feel comfortably high enough but dont overdo it because you probably have no tolerance which can make you green out if you smoke too much. Just take it easy your first few times. Good luck!

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  5. The synergetic factoring of marijuana, nicotine, and tobacco can be fatal to even the heaviest of smokers...

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  6. My suggestion would be to not do them. I have seen so many people get hooked on them and let me tell you they are absolutely awful for your lungs. Think about it, a cigarette has a filter to at least get rid of some of the chemicals meanwhile this has no filter. I'm sure you can figure out what would be the better decision but in the end it's your choice.
  7. poppers are nasty. dont believe me? try it yourself.

    i can bet you 20 bucks the hit will be harsh and dry and leave you with a headache and nausea

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  8. haha. Good one. Fatal means it can do serious damage or kill you..

    The world turnin' the weed burnin' them haters talkin' I keep earnin'
  9. They're getting sick from the nicotine. Just smoke weed, screw nicotine.
  10. Ya fuck tobacco. If anything be classy and smoke hookah lol
  11. Little ass kids

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  12. Don't mix cancer with weed... That's disgusting anyway you should expect to cough slot and taste a mouthful of shit

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  13. Poppers are nice for me since I smoke anyways, helps save bud and gives you a great hit in the end.  You are suppose to pull all the tobacco thru but you always end up burning a bit or wasting some bud.
  14. Cig flavour will be gross and overwheming over the weed.

    Bong the weed, get enjoyfully high then smoke that cigarette.
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    Poppers are awful. They lure you in with amazing highs the first few times, then you start to need more and more to catch a buzz, because you're slowly starting to crave and tolerate the nicotine. Truly the "crack of weed" like some people say, it really fucks up your health.
    EDIT: Oh, and the smoke smells vile. If you're not hitting it outside it will make the room wreak instantly.
  16. wtf i am old
  17. fuck tabacco
  18. even too much tobacco in a spliff can make me feel dizzy and ill (mates use baccy i never do) so if you dont smoke tobacco normally it may well make you dizzy/ill. Baccy ruins weed in my opinion sounds like a shite idea
  19. That's an interesting view. When I roll or when I'm low on bud I'll always mix my weed with a little baccy (80-90% weed. 10-20% tobacco). And when I run dry of bud or can't smoke for what ever reason, I have feel no desire to go smoke a cig. Which is odd because I have an EXTREMELY addictive personality. If I ever do get a craving, I just think about how unsatisfied I'll feel.
    1. It won't get you high
    2. If you're not used to it, it'll make you feel sick
    3. All smoke it bad for you teeth, cigarette is probably worse (I think)?
    4. Tastes shitty, harsh in lungs

    But I don't know, that's just me. I just don't get the point

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