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  1. i am starting my 1st setup in the next few weeks and in need of some help. i was thinking of having a small setup of 2-3 plants. since im horrible at making stuff, i was interested in a grow kit. was looking at these and was wondering which setup would be better for me as a beginner and wit the 2-3 i plan on growing.

    HTG Supply - HTG 400w Small Bubble Boy Tent kit

    HTG Supply - HTG 250w Small Bubble Boy Tent Kit

    any help would be greatly appreciated. sorry if this question was posted. keep getting conflicting info from friends and internet
  2. I would start out in soil first its more forgiving then a hydro set up for beginners. Also neither of those set up come with a carbon filter for smell and didnt see anything for maintaining the PH such as a digital PH meter, calibration solution or any PH Up & Down solutions.

  3. Thanks for the response. The 400w had a choice of soil instead of hydo. The arbon filter im not too woried about as ican always get one and set it up in the tent. It also came with the option of a ph tet kit hich i was going to add. Any suggestions on ph and calibration solutions? Anything else it was missing? Personally i think im better off with the 400w but not if its missing half the stuff
  4. For 3-4 plants max I would go with the 400 watt one. The more light the better. Just as a side note plants can stretch 2X to 3X thier hieght in flowering. As for a PH test kit I would reccomend a digital meter that you test the water and or nute mix with and test the run off with. If you decide to go the soil route then your PH of the run off is the important PH reading. Basic digital meters start around $15.00 or so on Amazon and Ebay then some calibration solution and some PH Up & Down solutions. Water proof digital meters tend to start at around $50 or so. The top reccomended brands are Hanna and Bluelab but they cost more and are worth it as they tend to have a better warranty and some are water proof depending on how much you spend. The cheaper meters also may need to be calibrated more often. With those pre-made kits your not going to get everything you need in one shot. They also tend to be a little cheaper on the light hoods, bulbs and ballast. The 600 watt digital dimmable ballasts are the most efficient on the market for watt of electricity used per lumen of light generated. Also with HID lighting you would most likely need a high velocity fan for pulling cooler air in and pulling the hotter air out up high. Also if you can vent the hot air out to another room or outside that will help with the ambient temp of the coller air your bringing in to keep the tent within a good temp range for growing. Venting your hot air out back into the same room kind of defeats that purpose.

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