HELP with 1st grow room,10'x10'

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ocitown, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Im looking for info on three pieces of equiptment,please let me know if any of the stuff is really good or really bad,and give info on other like pieces as well.#1 / 1/4H.P. chiller,seems there are three that i found.Eco @$450.00 Active Aqua @$550.00 and Hydrofarm @$550.00 #2 , 16" wall fans, two dif. fans,Active air @$35.00 and Air King @$55.00 And #3 an E-Bay inexpensive 150 GPD 0PPM R/O , D/I water filter system @$99.00 no tank and $37.50 shipping. looking for really good stuff with out Waisting my money.
  2. Anyone know about R/O systems or Chillers?
  3. regardless of what chiller you use, it should do the job, you just have to do some research on the differnt types of chillers as they are made for fish tanks of various sizes(in other words they are less or more hp for the amount of water flow). As for Reverse osmosis units, they all do the same thing and should be about equally priced, any ones that have a large gap in the price compared to others is iether a POS or an overly priced item, trust me, price doesnt always mean quality. look at differnt r/o units on the internet to make sure that the one your looking at has all the qualities as any other unit of the same caliber would have

    hope i could help

  4. Is this your first grow or just your first time using a full room?
  5. Did some many many years ago, why?

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