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  1. So I got my HPS ballast/hood/bulb set today. The ballast came in a seperate box than the hood and bulb. I thought they would come already connected blah blah. Needless to say I was hoping that'd be the case because I know nothing about wiring. I really don't want to do this blindly because I like my place and rather not have it burn down. Here are some pictures of what I'm looking at. If you guys (and gals) could help me, that'd be amazing. THANK YOU


    Where I'm supposed to put the wires, but I don't know which hole or how.
  2. I have not yet seen connectors like that. They look like maybe quick connect style? The wires coming from the hood/socket look to be the same color scheme as the ones from the ballast, no? If so I would say those need to be connected color to color. Is there a separate cord to go to your outlet?
  3. Color to color. Just stick the wires in there and they will connect (firm push) and stay like that

    Make sure you take the blue stuff off ther efelctor first or it will burn and smell :wave:
  4. Yes, there is is a cord that runs to an outlet. Of the two cords coming from the ballast, one is to the outlet and one is the connector to the wires.

    As for the rest of it - I figured color to color so I got that right! :D Haha, but anyway, I was confused if I should just shove the wires into the connectors orrr if I should try to pry off that clear cover that goes over the orange part and then connect the wires. Those clear tops are on there realllllllly well though so.. I felt helpless.:confused:

    So Romain - I just shove (aka firmly push) the wires into the holes and bada bing bada boom, I'm done? Oh, and I'll definitely remember to take off the blue plastic. :wave:

    ALSO - I've been reading a lot lately about lighting and indoor growing and stuff, annnd at first I was mildly unconcerned but now I'm getting paranoid about overloading circuts and all that. I'll only have two things plugged in for the entire grow:
    Beginning: CFLs and a fan/carbon air scrubber combo. (not worried about this fan combo is not that powerful)
    Later: 400w HPS lighting and the fan/carbon air scrubber combo. (should I be worried?)

    Like I said, I know nothing about electricity. I live in an apt with regular (is there a uniform?) outlets. It's not going to overload with the 400w and the fan - right?

    Well, aside from all this - I've just begun germination! :hello::hello::hello:
  5. Is that an ammo can?? Sure looks like one... No way you would overload your circut with that little bit of power.. You should have a fuse or breaker box so even if you did it would just trip or blow a fuse. Its a good idea to use a surge protector and it will be rated as to how much amperage it can handle. Watts/Volts=Amps.. Your standard outlet is probably rated at 30, most surge protectors are 10-15 amps. Some computers have a 400 watt power supply, its not much..

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