HELP!!!! Wilted plants.

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  1. Ok So yesterdsay I upgraded from 2 open hood 150 hps. To a 400w hps in a sunsystem yeild master. I have a small pc fan blowing on the light at the moment because I dont have a bigger blower yet.

    I changed the water in my 3 dwc buckets with 2 and a half tbs of foxfarms tiger.

    They are a week into flowering.

    And I copme home early from work today and they are in extreme wilt. I think I might have lost them.

    It got pretty cold her lastnight and I think They may have gotten too cold. the lights have been on for 2 hours.

    Um Any other ideas for why they would wilt other then the cold night?

    The grow box is about 75-78ish with the new 400w.


    Someone please help. It doesnt look like nute burn or anything just realy bad wilt.
  2. i believe they would have had to get down to freezing to wilt so i think its something to do with your nutes you will have to wait for someone to reply on your buckets cause i have never used them pics will also help
  3. The one on the right is looking on the 2 on the left are looking a little worse.
    those are my topped babys =[
  4. Well I would start again. Just pull them out. And next time don't put as much nutes in, it's all ways beta to under feed your plants than over feed them and put a fan in there your stems look a bit small thin and weak. But I think u have over fed your plants..::.....
  5. Over fed? I put in less then half of what it asked for...
    It got to 40 around her last night couldnt that be it?

    If it was nutes wouldnt they be burnt not wilted?
  6. Do you have any ventilation to bring in and exhaust air? If not, and if you leave the door closed with all that reflective material and a 400w light you basically have an oven. Also, without the venting I don't see how its only 75-ish.
  7. Right it might be your air in take and air out take, put some ventilation in your box. Or maybe your light is too close to your plants. But if your only putting half of your nutes than what it sed, well it can't be your nutes then. But they cud be weak plants. And not grow properly. But if I was u, I would just start again. Its going to cost u more to put things right than what it would to start again.........
  8. High Humidity can also do this.

  9. plants look mostly good in coloration anyway. try a bit of silica to help with cellular structure strength. put a fan in the box to move the plants. you could literally shake the plants vigorously to promote a natural defense make the plants want to stiffen up. pretty much emulate the wind(very important!!). also if your in veg spray a foliar on the leaves every once in a while. the wet leaves weigh down the plants making it lift itself back up as the vegetation dries subsequently also strengthening the plants material further. a few things to consider anyway..

  10. I leave the door open and have 2 fans blowing air in. thats how I keep it around 75ish.

    It was the cold spike we got because they are already looking good again. Ill post some pictures up..

    But I do need to get some inline fans so I can keep te door shut.

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