Help! Why is she drooping so bad?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Funtogrow, May 8, 2016.

  1. Not sure why she's drooping so bad.

    Been putting her in the greenhouse during the day for natural light.

    Watered two days ago with Cal-mag and grow juice veg.

    The leaf tip burn is from a few cfl's touching leaves (16+hrs of daylight so supplementing with cfl's for a few hrs to give a 20/4 schedule).

    She stayed in the greenhouse last night and greenhouse temp got down to maybe 40f.

  2. The leaves feel dry, the soil seems moist and the pot is heavy. I might be off a day on the watering but I don't think so, pretty sure it was two days ago not three....

    Anybody have an idea?
  3. Looks over waterd to me. Are you letting the soil dry out befor watering again? Do u have good drainage in your pot?

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  4. Drainage is good in the pot. Figured if it was over watered it wouldn't take two days to show and the leaves feeling dry thru me off but I'm thinking that's it. Forgot that I topped the pot with some soil that was dry(water washed away some soil and i was concerned the upper roots were too close to the surface and was concerned about them getting light) after the watering before the last so when I checked the soil this last time I wasn't checking deep enough to realise it was probably still wet.

    The leaves were curled till the tips were touching the stalk an hour or two ago and they are an inch away now so I think it's gonna bounce back. Over watering has been an issue for me, and drainage issues in the beginning from too little perlite. Got the drainage fixed now just need to let her dry out enough before watering. This is my first grow, big learning curve and I think I've made all the noob mistakes :frown:. Surprised I got her this far,
  5. I'm not convinced it was from over watering.... Watered Thur afternoon, she was nice and perky Fri and also Sat morning. I took her out of the greenhouse and had her outside on Sat for a few hrs until I noticed it getting windy and put her back in the greenhouse, she was starting to get fairly droopy by the time I put her back in the greenhouse and the pic above is what she looked like when I brought her inside. One night in the house and she is nice and perky again, does over watering really take a couple days to show the signs of and then pop back that quick, or was the cool wind getting her too cold maybe?

    Here's how she's looking this morning.
  6. Or maybe a combo of both over watered and then the cool wind? Last night she looked like she was cold, like she was hugging herself with the fan leaves trying to stay warm....
  7. After a while you'll be able to tell when they need water just by the weight of the pot

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  9. Just let the medium dry out then water with less, the roots might still be drowned with some water so each time you water it droops again

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  10. Trying to get used to the weight of this pot, probably haven't let it get dry enough to know what it feels like. Guess I'll know later this week as I'll be out of town for several days so she'll get some time to dry out. By the time I get home it'll have been a week since I last watered her so hopefully she won't be too dry.....
  11. I think it's over watering as well, try not to water so much so often, it also depend on the soil you use and how good it drains.

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  12. Possibly RH levels? I know mine perk up and "pray" when I get up to 70% (during veg), is it particularly dry outside where you are? Seems like you're describing a correlation between being outside and this droopiness. Or perhaps it's the Temps.

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  13. Greenhouse humidity hits 90% and I don't have the ability to run any fans in there right now, if I open the greenhouse to vent the humidity I lose too much heat. She perks back up when I bring her inside, so probably a combo of over watering, letting the humidity get too high, and this particular day I put her outside but not in the greenhouse and it started getting windy so I'm sure she was getting too cold. All in all I have a lot of hassle keeping her happy, but it's getting better and she's doing good.
  14. I was definitely drowning her, been a full week since the last watering and the pot is still heavy and the soil is still not dried out except maybe 1/2" or so on the top. I'm just gonna keep letting her dry out, she's looking really good and filling out so I know she's doing much better. After a week I'd have thought she would be ready for water, soil must have been way drenched....

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