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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dtgrowz, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. White Widow is finishing up the second week of flowering and i don't know what is happening... suddenly fan leaves are dying off.. The ppms are fine, I checked the res temps, and my airstone is going.. There were a lot of dead fan leaves and they were where the light could reach...

    Could this be bad seeds? It was a freebie I got from Canuk..

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  2. its called Senescence

    and perfectly normal

    lets see you grow to adult hood

    without gaining height or hair

    avoid ripping leaves

    use them as control points

    for when you do fuk up

    good luck
  3. Looks ok to me, but I think you should cull a few branches.
  4. Like mentioned you should lollipop the bottom there only taking up energy that could go to Buds.

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  5. It was root rot but I've slowed or stopped it for the moment

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  6. What happened how did you get root rot? The root ball stunk or was rooting? Dam so you know what not to do next time. It's about learning from your mistakes.
    Good Luck

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  7. Left the fucking lids open like twice and the heat was up in my tent.. Rookie shit dude... I've gotten an ac unit in the room so not the temps in my tent never go above 77 and they stay around 45.. I've been using frozen water bottles to keep my res(s) cool. I gave them a bump of voodoo juice which seem to promote clean root growth.. then I gave them hydroguard like 2 days later and they were growing again.. but I just got so AN revive and used it.. And so far they have started back growing and producing buds.. Although aren't drinking there regular amounts of water...

    It was a rookie mistake that I won't make again!!!!!!!!!!

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