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  1. my young clone plant has white spots on one leaf i attached a pic plzhelp

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  2. You need to post a whole plant picture or several.

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  3. Almost looks like it could be spider mites, but it's hard to tell with just the one picture.

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  4. the plant is onle a few leaves just got the clones and that was the only picture that came out decent on my camera where you could see the spots its only that leave that is heavily effected
  5. Yup,i think it's spidermites too.I just threw out 4 plants from my first grow because i got atacked it the middle of flowering and couldn't kill them in time...You said "young clone" so i gues you are stil in veg so it will be a lot easier to kill them,
  6. thanks i started using a dish soap water solution on my leaves i hope that helps
  7. and yes very young clones literally just picked them up a week ago
  8. Only dish soap and water?No neem oil?
  9. i dont have any at the moment and a couple sites recomended it this way said the soad water rmoves there coating allowing the light to kill them should i get neem oil
  10. Go buy some neem oil,mix it with 3-4 drops dish soap and water,the recomended ratio is 2-3ml neem oil for 1l water but it didn't work for me.As i said i was too late in flowering and could not treat them as wanted,so i think you can go with a little bit higher % of neem oil maybe up to 5-10.I sprayed them multiple times with higher concentration and there was no damage to the plants.The store i bought it from told me to use 30-40ml per 1l and i just laughed so hard because i couldn't tell them i was growing weed in late flowering lol :D .
    Mix it ,put it in a spray bottle and spray them when the lights are off.I waited a couple of minutes with the extake fans still of after the bulb turns off to get the hot air outta there.When the lights are off,the plant absorbs the neem oil solution.
    I hope i helped,they riuned my first ever grow and i'll make whatever i can to destroy them!
    P.S. it took me exactly 1 joint time to write this :D
  11. lol thankls for giving me a joints time and i will definetly get some neem oil and try that if i notice any further problems
  12. Anything for the plant!
    I red online that you can use peppermint oil or other essential oils for better smell but ive never tried them and the smell from the neem oil is gone in few minutes.Just make sure you cover your eyes and mouth.Me personaly never had problems with breathing or anything like that while breathing it,its safe for use on the skin,but it kinda stings when it gets if your eyes.
  13. ok cool thanks for the tip

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