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  1. my plants have white spots on them. The plants look fine, But the spots worry me.

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  2. bugs of some kind. magnifying glass...neem oil and protek if it is. Doesnt look like anything ive seen.
  3. Could be Thrips, Spider Mites or Calcium Def...

    Better pictures would help.

    See any bugs under the leaves?
  4. quite hard to be deficient in calcium...does the plant have any other symptoms of deficiency or sickness other than that?
  5. there's no bugs and other than the white spots, The plant looks 100% fine. has me scratching my head. Guess I'll leave it for awhile and see what happens. I put it under its own light source. maybe its just in shock. it was kinda in the corner of my grow room. So it got light just not allot. now it get plenty.
  6. Spider mites or thrips mos def. look under the leaf. with a magnifying glass. if you see eggs or little moving specs. its most likely thrips. Get neem oil, lower your temps if they are high try raising your humidity if its low, and stick a fan to circulate the air on the botom.If youre gonna be using neem oil, use it three times.1 time a week just make sure. and 1 time before switching the lights to 12/12.those F-ers die but leave eggs that hatch later on and the problem dont want to have that shit in late flowering cuz then there isnt much you can do. so you need to fix it NOW.CHEERS.
  7. halfa's right but looks more like spider mites. thrips looks like they tear the color off in patches . spider mites make little uniform in size white dots. check for webbing in lower branches. by the looks of those leafs it looks like you have a serious problem. attack hard and then come back for the eggs like halfa said
  8. When I have used Neem, I add Protek to the foliar feed too.
  9. I had leaves that looked just like the ones in the picture. I found out I had spider mites. I never noticed them before and thought it was calcium def. Check under the leaves for the mites. They look like black, or brown dots:

    The mites suck the juices out of the leaf, thats what makes the small yellowish dots.

    Here is a pic I took with them stuck to a piece of tape:

    Under microscope:

  10. ewwww. Man it is scary when you look at em under a 100x microscope. They look like little alien monsters and they look like they are going 100 mph...LOL scary lookin little buggers...

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