HELP!!! White powder mostly on base of stems....

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  1. Hello guys, I have 3 plants and they started having this white substance on stems. Leaves are not affected! One of the plant is flowering and the two other are at their first week of flowering. What can I dooooo?!!

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  2. Heh... you have trouble saying the word?
  3. How many plants ?
  4. I got three, all three are affected... one is just starting, I removed the affected section and will be spraying my plants with neem oil and cidre vinaigar and water! Is their any possibility they can recover?
  5. White powdery mildew to be precise
  6. No doubt, you are correct; it just doesn't look like the PM that *I* have seen.
    It, definitely, looks like an advanced fungus... to me.
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  7. Any suggestions buddy?
  8. Actinovate sp. Is what you need asap that is hybrid fungus like you need to fix your air quality now
  9. If you don't fix the origin of the issue it will keep coming back buddy
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  10. You don't want to hear.
  11. I've seen some things but I would really like to know as well had anyone seen that before? What exactly is that fungus called?
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  12. Well....
    NOW, we need a close-up shot.
    Papa Puff is always right, but I still think.....
  13. C623478B-3355-4A1A-B2E6-710E23662F88.jpeg Hello guys a little update, I’m pretty sure it is mealy bugs. While looking closely, I have seen the little pest move arround! I also read online they do leave a cottony substance on infected plants! I will be buying neem oil, as it seems to get rid of it. Here are some pictures to help recognize!
  14. I'm curious to. Just found this on a few of my plants in the last week to. I did a little research and found the mealy bugs online as well, however the bugs I'm seeing in the white stuff look more like a fly and they have wings. I'm in the North East. Going to hit them with Neem Oil and see what happens.

    image1.jpeg image2.jpeg
  15. See?
    Papa Smurf is always right!
  16. Well I would be surprised on this one! I have lots of cactus! Not to sure it will live on weed

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  17. Well; OP said; "While looking closely, I have seen the little pest move around!"
    Fungi doesn't move THAT quickly! :)
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  18. Than white fly bugs for sure. Mealy worms are about the same thing Screenshot_20190725-052418_Google.jpg

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  19. I've had them. I use Dr Zymes. Organic citrus acid. U can spray and do a soil drench. Stuff kills all the bugs in ur soil. I used it in white flies! They will start flying soon. look up at ur light indoors or look for what looks like dust flying up toward the light

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