Help!! white fuzz on drying buds

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SinjinDamaja, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. im getting white fuzz on my buds , just a little here and a little there. they are being dried in a Corona 12 pack box with the handle holes open in a corner of my grow. temp is 78-80f and humidity is @ 51%.strain is White Widow from nirvana

    Will this spread like crazy and ruin my 4 months of work?
    by eyeball id say i got about 4-5 oz from 4 plants
  2. powerdy mildew !!!!!

    it cant live in an alkaline atmosphere, mix a couple tablespoons of baking soda to 12 oz of water dissolve as best you can and spray on affected areas

    your humidity is way too high for budding get some more fans in there fast to stop the mildew, your next problem maybe budrot, if you dont resolve the lack of air movement & humidity

  3. if it's on your plants it's what gg said. if it's on cut/drying buds it's mold. it sounds like your talking about cut drying buds. they shouldn't be in your grow area. they need to be in a dark cool place (70 is good) with air circulating in the area, not blowing on the buds. you shouldn't smoke moldy buds. you can make hash with it though. as gg said, lower your rh.
  4. growbot

    good call I got excited when I saw it was on the buds , & didnt even realize they were drying

    take them out of the box and dry as growbot suggested
  5. well id like to take them out of the grow room, but its air conditioned and the rest of the house is like 92f 70% humidity im in the tropics. it looks like white hairs(not trychs) covering some small areas and some pistils, it can be scraped off.
  6. Take a pic for us. But sounds like mold...
  7. If the nugs start to smell like old socks, it's mold for sure.
    It would also mean you're screwed for sure, smoking moldy weed is a big no-no.
    Nothing iso-hash making wouldn't fix though.
  8. I know now it IS mold , its white little hairs almost like a spider egg nest. its not on all the buds only a few and only in little spots. I now have them in a extra bathroom with the exhaust fan on, its still hot in there but its the best i can do .
    I have a volcano will vapeing lite moldy weed work? will quick drying infront of a fan be a way to prevent speading if in the new room doesnt work?anything i can spray on it to help it?

    I appreciate all of the old school growers helping me out.
  9. Id just like to thank GB and GG for there advice. I had moved the 1 that was still growing out of the fan zone and thats what caused the powdery mildew as soon as it was back in front of the fan it was fine thank you GG.
    I moved the drying buds to bathroom with exhaust and darkness alot better thank you Growbot

    i dont post alot but i read like a motherfucker so to every1 that has a grow journal your time and effort helped me out so much . thanks a million

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