Help white fungus on dirt

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by quickdrygirl, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Help i have white fungus on dirt on the plant i was flushing few days ago, i think its pretty close to harvest (lower popcorn buds are still pretty green) but top buds seem like almost ready for my liking. There are two more plants in the tent whom are 1 month away from harvest. Should i just clean the mold off or rather harvest now? I dont think that i have a problem with harvesting right now, expect im losing the popcorn buds but they are small as shit any way.

    TLDR: white fungus on one plant (from flushing first time, almost ready to harvest) 2 more plants left that need 1 month to finish. Afraid if the fungus will spread should i rather harvest the plant number 1 now witch is almost practically ready.
  2. probably just mycelium from trichoderma...fungus in the soil actually means its good can scrape it off or bury it if it makes you feel better
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  3. If it's just on the soil it shouldn't be a worry. It may indicate that you could be watering too often though. Can you put a photo up?
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  4. Good circulation, ventilation, and humidity levels will prevent it from getting a foothold on your buds.

    Unless you grow in a clean room you've got dormant mold spores everywhere, all the time. All it takes to get mold is having the right conditions for it to grow.
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  5. I already kind of harvested the plant out of fearing what would happen to the other two that have a month or so left. No biggie, and yes it was due to water cuz i was flushing it few days ago. Guess the pot was kinda bad cuz it had only one hole in the very bottom on the center and it wasnt leaking the water out properly.

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