HELP!!! White bugs on weed

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  1. Help, my plants are ready to harvest when I found out plants have this white bugs..images are taken with the microscope
    How can I remove them?? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Neem oil is your friend

    avoid spraying the buds

    but if you do

    no biggy as the smell should have faded by the chop or post hang

    good luck
  3. In some parts some of them are on the buds, what should I do?
    I just removed all the leaves, because i'm going to hang the buds to dry..

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  4. Wash your harvest with the 3 bucket wash method...
    First, hydrogen peroxide and water
    Then,lemon juice,baking soda,and water,
    then rinse in clean water,and hang in front of a fan for the first hour or so,to dry off.
  5. Understood, they won't affect taste or thc level right?

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  6. The bugs will get killed and washed off,along with any dust / dirt,etc, and the buds will have a clean taste, and smooth smoking...Even before the cure , they taste good, and later get even better...:cool:
    Oh, you might drop a few trichomes in the water, but not very many. Potency is still there.
  7. Thank you so much man!!! I was scared to lose all my harvest.

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