Help! whats wrong with my plants

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  1. Strain: strawberry bubblegum. (progressive gentetics in house strain)
    Media: Coco coir
    Age: 11 days from rooted clone.
    Nutrients: fox farm. Grow big, bigbloom
    PPM: 575
    Current Ph: 5.9

    Run Off Ph: 7.2
    Runoff PPM: 264

    I did not have a ph meter for the first week and a half of the grow. When I finally got one, my water tested 7.8ph.
    Also I didnt flush my media out completely when i started the grow. The runoff ppm was reading 2200. I had to flush with 3 gallons of water.

    Is this ph lock out? how do I fix it
    First grow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    First grow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    First grow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    First grow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    First grow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    First grow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Medical grow Day 3 - YouTube
    Medical Grow Day 7 - YouTube
  2. Holy cowabunga, 2200ppm runoff!? That is surly the after effects from such high numbers and it may get worse. I would keep running that plant at 300ppm for now. Are you using tap or ro water?
  3. I'm using RO water from a local water dispensing machine. The water only reads 7ppm. Your right about them getting worse. Since I posted , all the leaves have burned and have started to curl in. I'll post more pics as soon as my tent goes in to light cycle.

    I've flushed again and am going to start feeding them 300 ppm like you suggested. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Cool. If its ro you can safely run a lower ppm then 300 of you choose because every little particle in that reading can be useful to plants. If its keeps getting worse try 100-200ppm of nutes.

    RO is slightly different then when using tap because most of the stuff in tap water is useless due to a large molecular structure. Tap water can causes higher ppm readings to be more tolerable, depending on the water quality...
  5. For soil grows, alternating feedings is best to avoid build up. If you're a very light feeder then feeding every watering is fine. But most growers are not light feeders even when they think they are.

    More novice growers should only give young plants plain water until you start to see light yellowing on the lower leaves and then it is safe to start feeding. I read this in a cannabis book. I think it may have been the first cannabible. It is a good practice for lesser experienced growers or growers that often run into problems with young plants

    Two times I use to often run into problems were the first 3 weeks of life and the first week of flower. Giving the plants only water during these problematic times was one of my keys to success. Then I realized these times were problematic for me because the plants want little to no nutes at all and I was ignorantly giving it to them. Now I give them ro water w/ a ppm equivalent to the average tap water (100-200) during these problematic times but I grow hydro and soil would be fine with plain water since there is always nutes in soil. I do this because I read that ro or water with little to no ppm can cause a reverse osmotic stress on the root structure. Either way I have used plain ro and ro with 1-200 ppm of nutes and never noticed any problem with plain ro, but just thought to share the info since I see you're in coco.

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