Help! Whats Wrong With My Plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by modern-hippy, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. all the leaves are drooping downwards. I dont know why. There is another plant next to it that is doing fine. The one next to it is in a 5 gallon contanor, and this one is just in a plastic kitchen bowl. I transplanted it a while ago. Mabey thats why? it looked so healthy a few days ago. Oh, and by the way, i have given them NO fertalizer or anything like that. Please tell me what you think could be wrong.

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  2. This is just a shot in the dark, but you have the signs for watering too much. Also maybe you didn't have the right soil for it's growth. What was it's NPK ratio? You want high N and lower P and K. Something like 15-3-3, for example. You don't want to add fertilizers, but your soil may not have any enerjay, nah mean?

    Anyways, I hope it recovers. Check your pH as well if you can, that can always be a problematic factor.
  3. thanks a bunch man... ya i have kept the soil pretty wet. The soil in the 5 gallon bucket drys out faster then the soil in the bowl for some reason. Il water it less. Thanks bro, your a life saver! I'll post how it does in my jornal.
  4. i can see that there is a slight yellowing of the leaves.....this could be due to possibly underwatering.......or over fertilization high
  5. have u made holes in the bottom of he kitches bolw... if not that can lead to rotting roots, witch u really dont want.... or it can be underwater.. stick your finger in 2 or 3 inches in, if wet, leave it alone, and if havent made the holes, make them.. if dry water it, and if u still havent made the holes makes then...

    PS... if u havent make the holes, make the holes.. Haveing holes in the pot is really impotant... the roots of the plant only takes what its need.. if it dont have no hole, water cant run out, so it will lead to rotting roots... i know i reapeat my self 3
  6. yeah man, not to worry. that bowl has holes drilled in it. but it dont matter none, because that plant duies and was smojked like a month ago.

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