Help what's this on my leaves

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  1. Hi guys I'm on week 4 of my flowering stage and using advanced nutrients Coco sensi grow and big bud, my plants have looked extremely healthy (well I think so) for my first grow but now I have noticed this on a few of my leaves, could anyone tell me why this would be and what to do to stop it, or is it nothing to worry about, 20190725_161323.jpg 20190725_161323.jpg 20190725_161327.jpg 20190725_161327.jpg many thanks
  2. Are you able to post a pic without the blurple light?
  3. Post pics in normal light

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  4. Of course sorry didn't think 20190725_164735.jpg 20190725_164746.jpg
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    Some sort of deficiency. I'm not exactly sure what but it could be calmag or maybe potassium not sure. What's the ph?
  6. Looks like a calcium or maybe magnesium deficiency just from your picture
  7. Still in its early stages though so you should be able to get it under control once you figure it out for sure
  8. Most deficiencies can be solved by proper pH. What's ur pH

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