HELP! What's the best grinder to get?

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  1. Hi everyone, I want to buy my boyfriend a new grinder and need help with which one to get. Can somebody suggest one that is an awesome acrylic one or one that doesn't have metal flakes in your weed after awhile of using.

    This would be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks. :smoke:
  2. The king of grinders is Titanium Space Case (100}
    Or you can a very good grinder called Mendo Mulcher (50}

    Edit: sorry missed the acrylic part of your post.......but all acrylic grinder suck
  3. Space Case is my personal favorite. For a good price and a screen compartment, I would go for a SharpStone or a Chromium Crusher.
  4. I own a chromium crusher they are good for the money (30)
  5. I am partial to the 2-piece Titanium Space Case(the 1 mentioned above for $100 is the 4-piece). Mine was $40 shipped. Just can't go wrong w/ any of the titanium space cases, imo...
  6. Get a Sharp Stone Vibrating Grinder
  7. I would recommend a Diamond Grind. It shreds the bud into a very nice fluffy consistency, and collect TONS of kief. Not to mention, it looks oh so classy :cool:

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  8. All I hear is Space Case this and Space Case that. Sure, they are good, but the best grinders for functionality, quality, and price goes to Mendo Mulchers.

    Mendo Mulchers

    I love mine.
  9. i was considering getting one myself but the only mulcher that has a screen cost 40$ :(
  10. Space case is number one but Mendo Mulches are a better deal in my opinion
  11. The Space Case grinders are going to have a deeper tray for the bud, but the Mendo Mulcher is my personal favorite. There is no such thing as a great acrylic grinder, so I won't even go there, but both the MM and the SC are safe to grind herb in. I wouldn't use a "fresh from the shop" metal grinder without washing it anyways.

    Good luck on your purchase.
  12. Invest in a space case, quit spillin' yer weed all over the place.

    Space case grinders are made from the best material and they get the job done.
  13. Plastic/metal shavings are a myth.
  14. Ugh, not this thread again......

  15. Umm absolutely 100% wrong
  16. Mendo Mulcher. I have a 4 piece which rocks, it will destroy anything you put in it. My only gripe is the small holes it has to allow the bud to fall through once it has been ground are too small which was not an issue on my last grinder a 4 piece sharpstone. The shavings shouldn't be an issue with a high quality metal grinder but a thorough clean before use is always good with any tool used in the preparation of something you plan to ingest.
  17. I got a non aluminum chromium crusher on amazon for like $18 and it works great. Four piece design and I cannot see what the $60 and up models at the LHS do any better.
  18. Thanks guys, I think I am going to buy one of each so this way he can decide which one is his favorite..... Or better yet, he'll have them all lol

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