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help!! whats the best bong out there!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ashleymatthews, May 9, 2010.

  1. my boyfriend and i smoke all day everyday, hes always the one who picks out all the bongs and pipes ect....his birthday is in july and i want to get him a badass bong but have never looked for one so have no idea what to look for!! what should i get? price range is 500-600....700 if i think its worth it! :smoking:
  2. Welll i'm not sure where you are and what bongs you can get but depending on that price you could get really big ones. Like puff is a name brand, and i think it goes for that much. Some of them can be like spiraly ad measure out too like 5 feet, etc .. my buddy has one.

  3. Im in Houston Texas, and also I guess I should have included I want to get one with thick glass...maybe 7mm? we had a 5mm awhile back and set it on the counter and broke the bottom of it!
  4. I'd say spend about 200-300 max and save the rest of the money or spend it on something else. I personally wouldn't even spend 200 on any glass but I understand why some people do especially if its a gift.
  5. If you want quality, you can't get much better than ROOR.
  6. look at his bongs see what they are like read up on the parts and shit and get thick glass if your going to be spending that much on it you dont want it to break

  7. yeah roor and toro are the ones i keep hearing over and over. i looked at some roors, do they hit nice? i wonder because the ones i looked at had just ice catchers....ours now has 3 tree percs, ice catcher and a pre line cooler?? i think thats what its called so they look so basic compared to ours
  8. [​IMG]
    lol jk, wrong question, the real question is how fancy of a setup do u want to construct? just look at the high end glass sticky
  9. I don't care about how fancy it is, just want good quality thick glass and amazing hits.
  10. There's a couple of really nice toro's over on Aqua Lab Technologies. You can get it shipped and they carry a LOT of nice glass...I suggest you look them up. Check out Luke Wilson, Sovereignty and Illadelph too.
  11. I think the EHLE's are sick
  12. well here's a couple

    $500 SNOB 7mm

    Toro $600
  13. man $500-$600 is a lot of money to spend on glass
    get the dude a Volcano
  14. thats like asking what they best beer is.
  15. Go to a nice headshop and look at SG Sovereignty, RooR, Toro, Syn, and Jerome Baker (he is an independent blower that is widely available here in TX). All are excellent choices. I currently have a RooR and SYN, although I am looking for an SG Sovereignty now.
  16. lol I can't believe no one's said a US Tubes 9mm beaker. Or straight tube, thats what I'd rock, but US Tubes are that shit

  17. we already have one, used it twice and its been in the closet since.

  18. have you hit a sovereignty before?
  19. ive hit a couple zongs before. both of them hit like champs and get you high as shit
  20. damn if you're not gonna use it, send it to me! :D

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