Help! Whats killing my plant?

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  1. Anyone got any ideas from the pictures below?

    I have sprayed a lot of bug clear on them the past few days as they have been getting eaten.

    20170619_182544.jpg 20170619_182557.jpg 20170619_182616.jpg 20170619_182624.jpg 20170619_182936.jpg 20170619_182942.jpg 20170619_183011.jpg 20170619_183123.jpg 20170619_183609.jpg 20170619_183613.jpg 20170619_183620.jpg 20170619_183624.jpg 20170619_183632.jpg 20170619_183636.jpg 20170619_183642.jpg 20170619_183648.jpg
  2. My guess here is fungus gnats. The bug on your finger is black...which makes me lean toward the gnats. This usually occurs when there is too much wetness around the roots of the plant...high humidity, stagnant air. There is a website called They have some fairly decent examples of different pests, their affects on the plant and how to treat them. They recommend treating with Neem oil (which is photosensitive so only spray late evening before sunset and not early in morning so sun shines on plant during the day). But from what I know about them, they're horrible to get rid of. But recommended treatments do exist so have a go at it. It's very important when growing outside to make sure your plants are located in a place where they can get the most hours of strong sunlight each day and away from shade and heavily wooded areas. We grow inside for the most part, but when we do flower clones outside, I pretreat for pests from day #1 by sprinkling the plants with general garden pest dust....something known in the South as "Seven Dust." It won't hurt the plant and you can simply wash the plant off good before harvesting it and no worries about negative health affects. But Seven Dust, to the best of my knowledge, would have no effect on these critters. They show up because of too much moisture/humidity around the plant and in the soil. Superior drainage is one of the most important keys to keeping these plants healthy. Looks like you've got some sort of Coco mix you're using there and I've never personally used Coco myself. Mostly, DWC growers like the Coco and I'm a soil grower. But make very very sure every single time BEFORE you give plant more water, that it is nearly DEAD DRY....using up almost every drop of the water you gave it last time. These plants need defined wet/dry cycles to keep healthy so it's super important to let them dry out each and every time before adding more water to the soil. Constant wetness around the roots is where this kind of thing comes from. With no more info than you give (other than pics) about the care of the plant on your part and it's location, it's just a guess. But if you do have fungus gnats, get ready for a battle. They're not easy to get rid of once you get an infestation of them. I suggest you spend some serious time reading up on them. Also, go to that website and have a look at their pics compared to your leaves and see what you think. Sorry for your problem. That's why I don't grow outdoor anymore than I do. It's a danged war throughout the entire season just to fight off the bugs and varmits to get a harvest. Once your plants start to bud and put on resin, they almost become like magnets to various strains of bugs. We have big problems here with the caterpillars hatching from larvae laid on the buds by butterflies. If you're not very attentive to the plant, they'll hatch and have one half eaten before you know they're there and end up with a fine case of bud rot. Lost several pounds off the last plants I ran outside a few years back because I wasn't paying enough attention to them.

    Your plant looks pretty small. To get one to grow and produce, they need as many hours of good strong sunlight a day they can get. Having them in areas where they receive shade for part of the day just lessens their growth and makes it more handy for pests to jump on for the ride. Keep them in dead sunlight and away from shade for best result. But the biggest thing I can tell you is to let them dry out to almost dead dry every single time before adding more water. This helps with keeping the roots free of pests because they like moisture. Best of luck. TWW
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  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yeah they probably dont get much more than 10 hours direct sunlight a day depending on the weather. I will let them dry out a bit more to see if that helps and yeah neem oil seems to be good for most things i think it may be worth getting some. Problem is over here in the UK its hard to find a spot to grow without getting caught.

    So a shrubbed up hidey hole with an open roof seemed better than nothing. Its my first time growing i would rather try and fail than to have not tried. Especially when i pay around £220 for an oz of half decent stuff. Im trying to work with what I have ha ha do you think it will work still or is all this time and effort in vain? there 5 weeks old girl scout cookies from fast buds. The weather in the UK has been poor but has started picking up recently so hopefully they do okay we will see.

    Again thanks for the pointers and tips ill keep them in mind. I might look for a place in a field to put it but then its open to rabbits and stuff.
  4. Your diagnosis is wrong, as usual. Those are not fungus gnats and the bug on the OP's finger is not a fungus gnat - they have wings and resemble a fruit fly. Fungus gnats do not eat leaves, in fact the adult fungus gnat doesn't do any harm at all to the plant. They lay their eggs in wet soil and the larvae feeds on the roots.

    You might want to take your own advice. To quote you from another thread: "You have no idea what you're talking about".

    If in fact the OP is using coco, and it looks like it to me, your advice is wrong again. You never let coco dry out - ever. Stop guessing and giving people the wrong advice.

    To the OP: I don't know what type of insect is eating your leaves, but I do know that it's not fungus gnats like TWW suggests. Good luck and beware of who's advice you listen to - a four paragraph letter doesn't mean the poster knows what they are talking about.
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  5. Yes! I've been having fungas gnats and they haven't done a thing to any of my plants other than be annoying to me... most of them are gone now and none are in the flower room thankfully... I just have a few in my kitchen and a few in my veg room... oddly enough when they all came out of nowhere (I guess some cheap soil I bought that was sitting outside? Idk... they almost all went away just as fast as they came... I found em all dead in one spot.

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    My guess would be Catepillars or slugs looks like a bit of thrip damage too. I'd grab some BT, sluggo plus and spinosad. I'm pretty sure you're being attacked by multiple bugs. Also not sure if that's the flash or you have PM on a couple leaves.

    That dot on your finger doesn't really resemble anything, need a better picture.
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  7. I sense theress a back story to this bet hey ho. Ha ha thankyou man yeah what ever it is seems to have slowed down alot since spraying and putting some basil and garlic around ha ha. Ah i let me coco dry out but i think my plants are flowering now.

    Thanks for the input everyonee its appreciated :)

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  8. Yeah it was flash ha ha think i better put some more slug pelletes down going to get neem oil anyway it seems to do away with most things ha ha.

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