help! whats goin on here?!?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by one spot, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. plant was looking lovely up until yesterday and its gone like that. lower leaves feel slightly dry. any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  2. Looks thirsty. What's your ph at
  3. I'm not a very smart man but that looks like nute burn to me

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  4. And it also needs a bigger pot
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  5. ive had it at a bros house for the last week. dunno whether he's neglected watering it. im gonna get a PH reader today hopefully so will update ya when i got it
  6. how big ya reckon?? trying to keep it a subtle grow
  7. [​IMG]
    the speed in which this happened implies Root Rot, a fungal disease, smell for rotten sockes

    imo: extract and potup to a much larger pot

    with 50% clean river sand or perlite, to try and dry her out

    potting up will relieve the nute burn and root compaction too

    good luck
  8. cheers bro, if i repot it, ive got this canna flora growing medium. is that gonna be any good. used it on another plant i got rid of and it seemed to hold the water for ages.

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  9. avoid IMO:

    once potted up the plant will have enough nute for 3-4 weeks

    the concern right now

    is nuking that suspect fungi

    good luck
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  10. how would you do that?

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  11. gotta be cruel to be kind

    dry her out

    give minimal water for 2 weeks

    best is to foilar water her 2x times per day

    apply 1/4 coffee cup of water once potted up

    the fungi will be forever in the pot

    the deal is to reduce it by again drying her out

    later: always lift the pot before watering

    THINK then water or not

    good luck
  12. Update: flushed her threw witha decent amount of water, few hours later shes standing tall again.

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