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help,whats a quad looks like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by babybird420, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. hey can some one post a picture of a quad? i know i should just have him weigh it but i just want to get a picture in my head.
  2. Ummm a quad...hmmm. Never heard of the term.

    I'm guessing it's supposed to be an 8th.

    depends really, my area it's about...

    Mids = $20
    Kb = $40
    Headies = $60
    Anything above that is about $80-$100.

    MA sucks.
  3. quad=7grams

    i know prices good but i just want to get a picture in my head what it looks like.
  4. Oh come on... I'm not even a smoker and I know quad = 4 = 1/4 ounce (similar to the word "eighth")
  5. Well im guessing your in front of a computer so you could atleast try to google it bro
  6. I ment in as quad for a drug term...

    And are you just on here to flame smokers?

    Edit: It's hard to find people on here that have 7g's on a picture.
  7. yeah dude i already tryed to find a picture of it. couldnt thats why i came here
  8. Hahah, funny but true. this will probably be better as one picture doesnt really put all the other quarters in the same playing field. Google has a lot more pictures and most of them dont look to bad. i will have a quarter later this week, ill post it in the "stash jar" section. Better yet search that section of the forum. good luck.
  9. No offense but why are you here?
  10. haha i was just about to ask the same thing
  11. dank herbs or brick weed? brick will generally look smaller than dank fluffy fire buds
  12. chronic.
    i just want to know what the bag will look like,
  13. quad in my area refers to a quarter of a pound... Anyway, kiddo, its gonna be a 7 inch ziplock baggie about two fingers held sideways filled up. ie, maybe an inch, inch and a half.
  14. About 3/4 inch of a regular ziploc bag, depends on the buds though too. Could have really dense nugs and it takes up less space or light and airy fluffy buds that take up more. But rule of thumb is no more than two fingers high.
  15. I'm getting MMJ in 3 months :hello:

    Plus I've smoked a few times in the past, but its been about 6 months
  16. q of dank:

  17. While it may be a bit late I'm hopefully getting a 1/4 oz in the next week or two of some good stuff, I'll post a pic if all goes well.

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