Collab **HELP** What Size MM is my downstem, PICTURES INCLUDED

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  1. My bong bowl had broke and I don't wanna buy a size bowl and not be able to use it. Idk about where all of you live but most of all head shops around here are not refundable, smoked outta or not. I'm pretty sure its a 14/15 but at the same time... I just don't know.. Someone please help me. :blink:


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  2. Hmmm. I don't trust it. Lol that's what everyone has been telling me though... But I do have small hands:/ I just want to be forsure before I go and buy a bowl ya know? :/
  3. just clean the hell outta the downstem and bring it in to match the size
  4. just clean the hell outta the downstem and bring it in to match the size
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    Maybe use a cheap measuring tool?  I'm sure you could find something or buy something that would work fine.  It looks kind of like 14 but without any frame of reference I can't say for sure.
    Edit: Here I'll make it easy for you, I just looked it up and a dime is just under 18mm across, so if the opening is around that size you have an 18, if it's bigger than the down stem you have a 14.
  6. In my opinion that looks like an 18mm. I have a 14mm slide in my bong next to me and compared to a q tip it's much more narrow.
  7. Tape measure bro(lol)
  8. Goto the store, ask to see both sizes... Youl knowSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. Take a piece of paper and trace the joint on it, then go into your head shop and compare before you purchase.Looks like a 14.5mm, btw. Could be wrong..Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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